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JULY, 1948 




founded by 
The Late John Ross Robertson. 1857 

Much unnecessary work and many misunderstandings could be avoided if Old 
Boys would inform the office of changes of address. 

This magazine is only what Old Boys make it, by supplying news of them- 
selves or others and articles or letters. 

This issue went to press at the end of April. 

J. H. Biggar, Editor E. Bowman 

P. I. Murray W. H. C. Marsh 

G. L. Hargraft Campbell Parsons 

T. H. Crerar A. M. Jarvis 


We apologize that we were incorrect 
in announcing the marriage of Arthur 
Ridler ('35-'41). 


Founder's Day, 1948, was celebrated 
on February 13th, in various places. 
325 Old Boys attended a dinner at the 
College. Captain de Marbois, C.B.E., 
R.D., R.C.N, etc., etc., now back on the 
staff, was the principal speaker. 

Next year it will be celebrated on 
February 18th and it is hoped to have 
the Governor-General as guest of 
honour at a dinner at one of the hotels. 


This year the present boys and the 
Old Boys had particularly good teams 
and the score after a very fine game 
was 2-2. 

Teams of Havergal and B.S.S. girls, 
of Prep boys, of upper school boys, all 
played each other. A chariot race, the 
bugle band, comedy skating, fancy 
skating and a contest at "brush-ball" 
between the rugby team and the 
Masters, all provided entertainment. 

The attendance was 3,624 (2980 in 
1947), another triumph for Foster He- 
witt. $500. was presented to the Me- 
morial Fund and the War Chest. 



In order that Old Boys in general 
may know what their Directors do, a 
synopsis of minutes of the Directors' 
meetings will appear here from time to 
to time, without formal matters. 

On November 4th it was decided to 
present pictures to the Rugby Team 
which won the championship. 

On December 10th the need for re- 
organization to develop the Associa- 
tion outside Toronto was discussed. 
At this meeting it was pointed out that 
the Directors are glad to hear and deal 
with any criticisms of the College that 

may be in the air. It was then decided 
to publish these synopses. Old Boys 
ties were reported to be on order. 

On March 11th, Brad Heintzman 
read a letter which appeared in the 
boys' "Current Times" about the lack 
of discipline in the school. The Princi- 
pal, who was present, replied that this 
was a traditional criticism but it was 
a healthy sign to have such criticism in 
the school. 

The question of a full-time secretary 
far the Association remains in sus- 
pense, but progress is being made. 


The chief news of the winter term 
has been the great success of the First 
Hockey Team. In other respects it was 
a good normal term. The Battalion Ball 
was bigger than ever. The opera, "Io- 
anthe", played to three audiences in- 
stead of two. The junior hockey teams, 
the basketball teams, the house leagues, 
the Prep, clubs, the "College Times", 
and all the other manifold activities en- 
joyed vigorous seasons. 

Half-a-dozen' fresh developments 
may be mentioned. A party of upper 
school boys and a party of Prep boys 
each went to the Laurentians in the 
Christmas holidays to ski. The second 
hockey team was more highly organ- 
ized and more systematically coached 
and played a greater number of games. 
A midget basketball team came into 
existence in addition to the senior and 
junior teams. Since the College has a 
new projector some very interesting 
films have been shown not yet to be 
seen at commercial theatres. 

The boys excelled themselves in the 
drive for the "Memorial Fund". Each 
boy in the upper school was asked to 
give a cent for every pound of his 
weight. The total raised was $1,069.81. 

First Hockey Team. The First Team 
of 1948 may well be the best we 
have ever had. Last year's team were 
champions and a majority of them re- 
turned this year. David Kent was again 
captain and Sylvanus Apps again 
coach. Because the coach was neces- 
sarily often absent Mr. Bremner and 
Mr. Sharp had to share the responsi- 
bility for the team and also deserve 
credit for its success. 

The players were : David Kent, cap- 
tain, John Addison, Raymond Ball, 
Robert Bazos, Milton Cork, Bruce 
Frame, Fred Hadden, Billy Hewitt, 
John Murphy, Douglas Orr, Neville 
O'Sullivan, Robert White. Also oc- 
casionally playing were John Bachly, 
Ted Doherty and David Hargraft. It 


was truly a team of U.C.C. boys. Of 
the fifteen boys five are sons of Old 
Boys and one the son of a master. 
Nine attended the prep. Three are 
good scholars and only one or two poor 
scholars. They are young ; about half 
of them will be returning to school next 

After holding a good team to 2-2 tie 
on Old Boys* Hockey Night, the team 
beat U.T.S. 5-0 and 8-2, T.C.S. 9-1 
and 5-2, S.A.C. 12-6 and 11-0, Picker- 
ing 11-1 and 3-0. 

In the play-offs it beat U.T.S. 5-3 
and 6-5. 

As winners of a group in Junior 
O.H.A. "B", our team now entered the 
play-downs. (Junior O.H.A. "A" has 
only one group which plays a schedule 

of professional type.) Our team first 
met London which it defeated 10-4. 
Though it lost the next game 1-2, it 
won the series because total goals 

Next it played the Kingston team 
and defeated it by two games to one, 
9-4, 3-7, 4-1. 

Thus it entered the semi-finals in 
which U.C.C, Hamilton and St. 
Michael's "B" each played the other 
two teams twice. Our team broke even 
with St. Michael's, 1-4 and 4-2, and 
lost to Hamilton 3-7 and 2-4. Thus at 
last on April 7th the long glorious sea- 
son ended. 

Our next year's team should be just 
as good. 

Seventh Set 

Roscoe Barry Graham ('30-'35), 
mechanical engineer; enlisted in 
RCNVR Nov., '42; Sub-Lt, (E) ; 
Lt. '43 ; Lt.-Cdr. '45 ; North Atlan- 
tic; discharged Sept., '45; produc- 
tion engineer, Aluminum Co. of Can- 
ada; 40 Napier St., Kingston. 

James Leslie Henderson ('04-'13), 
insurance; 124 Bn. '14-'18; enlisted 
in 48th Highlanders July, '40; Lt.; 
Staff Capt. CMHQ London, GS02, 
2nd Echelon; HQ 21 Army Grp. 
France; discharged Apr., '45; 
Gairdner & Co. Ltd.; 27 Whitney 
Ave., Toronto. 

J. M. B. P. de Marbois (Master) ; 
R.N. '06-'24; Cdr.; Atlantic, North 
Sea, Petrograd ; Order of St. Stanis- 
las and Order of St. Anne (Imperial 
Russia), O.B.E. ; mobilized Sept., 
'39 ; Lt.-Cdr.; Stf. Ofcr. Foreign In- 
telligence; Cdr. '40; Dep. Director 
of Signals; Newfoundland, West 
Indies ; trnfd. to R.C.N. '42 ; Capt. ; 
Director of Op. Intel. Centre '43; 
C.B.E. and Legion of Merit (U.S.- 
A.) '46; Legion of Honour 
(France) '47; retired Jan. '46; 
Master, Upper Canada College, To- 


Rt. Hon. Vincent Massey was in- 
stalled as Chancellor of the Univer- 
sity of Toronto at a special convo- 
cation on November 21. 

Prof. Arthur W. M. Ellis (^S-'OO) 
will retire as Regius Professor of 
Medicine at Oxford University on 
July 31. 

N. W. Berkinshaw ('OO-'Ol), former 
Assistant General Manager of The 
Bank of Nova Scotia, has retired on 
pension after forty-six years of ser- 

J. D. Woods, O.B.E. ('04-'06) was 
elected a Director of The Canada 
Life Assurance Company at the an- 
nual meeting in January. 

Harold C. Walker, K.C. ('04-'07) 
has been named President of the Art 
Gallery of Toronto for the year 1948. 

W. Eric Phillips, C.B.E., D.S.O., 
M.C., ('06-'09) has been elected a 
Director of Canadian Breweries, 

Judge Ian Macdonnell ('05- , ll) re- 
signed in January as Chairman of 
the Ontario Labor Relations Board. 

At the annual meeting of Aikenhead 
Hardware Limited, held on Feb- 
ruary 25, J. Wilfrid Aikenhead 
('13-' IS) was elected President and 
General Manager, and James M. 
Aikenhead ('33-'36) Secretary. 

A. Kelso Roberts, M.P.P. n5-'16) 
has announced that he will not stand 
for office in the Ontario Provincial 
Election on June 7. He has been Pro- 
gressive Conservative member for 
St. Patrick since 1943. 

Bryant G. Irvine ('19-20) is Pro- 
spective Conservative Candidate for 
the Bewdley Division of Worcester- 
shire, England, formerly held by the 
late Lord Baldwin. He is practising 
at the Bar in London and farming in 
Sussex and last October he and his 
wife took first prize in the British 
Dairy Farmers' Association Annual 
Show with a Guernsey Heifer. 

Maj.-Gen. C. C. Mann, C.B.E., 
D.S.O. ('15-'19, '19-'21) is the 
highest ranking Canadian Army 
officer to wear Paratroop Wings. He 
was awarded his wings in January 
after a four-week jump course at the 
Joint Air School, Rivers, Man. 

Foster Hewitt ('lS-^l) completed 
25 years of hockey broadcasting in 

Lieut.-Col. J. F. (Brook) Ellis, 
M.B.E. ('22-'25) is Assistant to the 
President of Henry Birks & Sons 
(Ontario Limited, Jewellers and 
Silversmiths of Toronto. 

J. S. H. Thomson ('2\-'Z0) is associ- 
ated with Wood Fleming & Com- 
pany, Limited, Toronto. 

Lt.-Cmdr. C.A. (Tony) Law D.S.C. 
('28-'31) is in command of the fri- 
gate "Antigonish". 

Arnold Smith ('24-'27, '28-'32) was 
appointed civilian instructor at the 
Canadian Defense College, King- 
ston, in December. He is lecturing 
on political and economic relating to 
foreign policy. 

Robertson Davies' ('28-'32) book 
"The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks" 
was published shortly before Christ- 
mas. "In him Canada has found her 
most original humorist since the 
great Stephen Leacock laid down his 
pen." — Cover jacket of book. 

Lt.-Col. G. E. Renison ('32-'33) was 
elected Vice-President of the On- 
tario Progressive Conservative As- 
sociation on March 6. 

Doug Bruce ( , 26- , 34) was promoted 
in January to the rank of Com- 
mander in the Naval Reserve Divi- 
sion of Toronto. 

Mat. Edward Dunlop ('39-'37) re- 
ceived the George Medal at an in- 
vestiture at Government House, Ot- 
tawa, on December 9. 

Wing Cmdr. J. D. Pattison ('30- 
'37), of Kingston, was awarded a 
Bar to the Distinguished Flying 

Cross at an investiture by Lieut.- 
Gov. Lawson at Toronto on April 9. 

Irwin Blackstone ('33-' 37) is 
"learning all the facets of manufact- 
uring hats" with the Smithbilt Hat 
Company in Calgary. His work has 
taken him from Winnipeg to the 
Pacific Ocean, and as far north as 
Whitehorse and the Peace River. He 
writes: "Through all this I crossed 
prairie lands, climbed tortuous 
mountains, and plunged through 
wooded terrain with my trusty Ply- 
mouth automobile, and found won- 
derful experiences in a comparative- 
ly undeveloped part of Canada." 

Hugh Foster ('31 -38) was called to 
the Ontario Bar on January 15. 

Bill Kilbourn ('37-'44) and Gavin 
Langmuir ('37 -'40) have each been 
awarded History Fellowships at 

R. Barry Graham ('30-'35) has just 
returned from a business trip for the 
Aluminum Co. to Switzerland 
France, Italy, Holland and Britain. 
He will be posted to Montreal. 

George Mara ('30-'41) was captain 
and Toronto member of the R.C.- 

A.F. Flyers, who won the Olympic 
hockey championship in February at 
St. Moritz, Switzerland. 
George Jamieson ('37- '43) is Busi- 
ness Manager of the Toronto Maple 
Leaf baseball team. 

Bill Thompson ('42-'43), of Hamil- 
ton, is studying under a five-year 
scholarship at the Royal Academy 
in London, and plans to spend the 
summer months painting in Hol- 
land. A gold medalist from the On- 
tario College of Art, he has been 
commissioned to paint several dis- 
tinguished Britions and Canadians, 
including Lady Megan Lloyd 
George, the Earl of Clarendon's 
grandchildren, and the children of 
Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone Murray. 

Among the awards made at an investi- 
ture by Viscount Alexander at 
Government House, Ottawa, on 
April 8 were the following: C. B. — 
Maj.-Gen, J. V. Young ('05-'08), 
of Hamilton. C.B.E.— Gen. B. 
Matthews ('18-'27) ; Capt. J.M.- 
B.P. (Jock) De Marbois (Mas- 
ter), both of Toronto. 


BANFIELD ( , 31- , 36)— At Toronto, 
on March 21, 1948, to Dr. and Mrs. 
Harry Sommerville Banfield, a 

BARRETT ( , 26- , 32)— At Toronto, 
on March 20, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
J. Flavelle Barrett, a son. 

BARRETT ('26-'$6)— At Toronto, 
on March 30, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
William Wallace Barrett, a son. 

BERNHARDT ('27-'30)— At To- 
ronto, on February 19, 1948, to Mr. 
and Mrs. Garnet Hartley Bern- 
hardt, a son. 

CARTER, (^O-^S)— At Toronto, on 
April 10, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
John Albertson Carter, a son. 

CAULDER ('28-'33, '34-'35)— At 
Toronto, on January 4, 1948, to Mr. 
and Mrs. Joseph Arnold Caulder, of 
Oakville, Ont., a son. 

CLARK ('28-'34)— At Toronto, on 
December 16, 1947, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Gordon Tim Clark, a daughter. 

COATSWORTH ('35-'39)—At To- 
ronto, on December 1, 1947, to Mr. 
and Mrs. Emerson Stradman Coats- 
worth, a son. 

CORBETT 0'23-'29)— At Picton, 
Ont., December 26, 1947, to Major 
and Mrs. Frederick James Bower- 
man Corbett, a daughter. 

CORBETT ( , 32- , 38)— At Toronto, 
on January 20, 1948, to Mr. and 
Mrs. John Ritchie Corbett, a 

COSTE ('26-'36)— At Toronto, on 
March 9, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. Ro- 
bert Maxwell Coste, a daughter. 

COULTON (Master)— At Toronto, 
on June 8, 1947, to Mr. and Mrs. 
J. L. Coulton, a son. 

CREAN, ('19-'28)— At Toronto, on 
January 21, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
John Gale Crean, a daughter. 

DEVLIN ('34-'40)— At Toronto, on 
March 26, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
John Herbert Devlin, a daughter. 

ELY ( , 19- , 27)— At Toronto, on No- 
vember 16, 1946, to Mr. and Mrs. 
John Hart Ely, a son. 

FARWELL ('23-'28)— At Toronto, 
on April 9, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Stuart McGill Farwell, a son. 

FULLER f24-'35)— At Toronto, on 
January 1, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Clayton Edward Fuller, a daughter. 

GALL ('24-'28)— At Toronto, on 
April 9, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. W. 
Cameron Gall, a son. 

GALLIMORE (Master)— At To- 
ronto, on May 20, 1947, to Mr. and 
Mrs. C. W. Gallirnore, a son. 

GIBSON f28-'33)— At Toronto, on 
January 25, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Thomas Gibson, a son. 

GOODERHAM (>32-'39)— At To- 
ronto, on March 25, 1948, to Mr. 
and Mrs. Richard Morrison Gooder- 
ham, a son. 

GRAHAM, ('30-'35)— At Kingston, 
Ont, on February 12, 1948, to Mr. 
and Mrs. Roscoe Barry Graham, a 

GRAY ('23-'25)— At Cornwall, Ont., 
on February 7, 1948, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Robert Frank Gray, a daugh- 

HANSON ('21-'25, '28-'29)— At 
Toronto, on December 5, 1947, to 
Mr. and Mrs. Telfer Hanson, a 

HERMANT ('22-'29)— At Toronto, 
on March 12, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Sydney Hermant, a son. 

HEWSON ( , 27-'34)— At Toronto, 
on December 25, 1947, to Mr. and 
Mrs. William Henry Hewson, a 

JACKSON ( , 33- , 39)— At Toronto, 
on December 11, 1947, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Arthur L. Jackson, a daugh- 

JONES ('25-'32)— At Toronto, on 

April 16, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 

Terence Jones, a son. 
KINNEAR ('31-'32)-- At Toronto, 

on December 31,1947, to Mr. and 

Mrs. Martin Kinnear, a son. 
LAV^SON ( , 33- , 40)— At Torontp, 

on February 23, 1948, to Mr. and 

Mrs. James Bolton Lawson, a son. 
MARSH ('28-'35)— At Toronto, on 

February 3, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 

William Hedley Clavering Marsh, a 

McPHEDRAN ('23-'31)— At To- 
ronto, on December 10, 1947, to Mr. 

and Mrs. Alexander McPhedran, a 

MILLS ('21-'28)— At Toronto, on 

December 13, 1947, to Mr. and Mrs. 

John Irwin Mills, a daughter. 
NEILSON ( , 32- , 37)— At Toronto, 

on April 17, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 

Bruce Neilson, of Pbrt Credit, a 

NORTHEY ( , 26- , 33)— At Toronto, 

on January 6, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 

James Alexander Northey Jr., a 

PRENTICE ( , 33- , 38)— At Toronto, 

on March 18, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 

Ross Allan Prentice, a son. 
RATHBUN ( , 28- , 33)— At London, 

Ont., on July 2, 1947, to Dr. and 

Mrs. John Campbell Rathbun, a 

REBURN ('26-'31)— At Toronto, on 

December 29, 1947, to Mr. and Mrs. 

Stewart Reburn, a son. 
REID ('40-'43)— At Toronto, on 

March 15, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 

George Thomas (Tway) Reid, a 

ROBERTSON (^O-^)— At To- 
ronto, on December 18, 1947, to Mr. 

and Mrs. G. Hugh Robertson, a 

ROBINSON ( , 28- , 33)— At Toronto, 

on March 14, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 

W. G. MacKenzie Robinson, a 


SHEARD ('30-'33, '34)— At Toron- 
to, on December 4, 1947, to Mr. and 
Mrs. John Henry Sheard, a daugh- 

SKAITH ('19-'21)— At Toronto, on 
January 4, 1948, to Mr .and Mrs. 
Alan Logan Skaith, a son. 

SMITH ('22-'23)— At Toronto, on 
March 18, 1948, to Dr. and Mrs. 
Foster Smith, a son. 

SOMERSET ('28-'30)— At Hamil- 
ton, Ont., on April 14, 1948, to Mr. 
and Mrs. John Beaufort Somerset, 
of Burlington, a daughter. 

STEWART f28-'36)— At Toronto, 
on April 1, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Jack Stewart, a son. 

TAMBLYN ('34-'41)— At Fort Wil- 
liam, Ont., on December 2, 1947, to 
Mr. and Mrs. William Gordon 
Tamblyn, a son. 

TELFER ( , 30- , 32)— At Toronto, on 
April 12, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Herbert Paul Telfer, a daughter. 

TEMPLE ('27-'29)— At Chatham, 
Ont, on December 12, 1947, to Mr. 
and Mrs. Clifford Maulson Temple, 
a daughter. 

WALKER ('27-'31)— At Toronto, 
on March 23, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Wentworth Dillon Walker, a son. 

WARRINGTON ('30-'35)— At To- 
ronto, on February 25, 1948, to Mr. 
and Mrs. John Stamford Warring- 
ton, a daughter. 

WATKINS ('35-'38)— At Toronto, 
on January 16, 1948, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Thomas James Watkins, a 

WHITE ('22-'30)— At Toronto, on 
December 16, 1947, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Peter White Jr., a son. 

WILLAN ('20-'24)— At Toronto, on 
February 1, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Bernard Willan, a daughter. 

WOODS ('21-'25)— At Toronto, on 
March 11, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
David Mason Woods, a daughter. 

WOODS ( , 24- , 33)— At Toronto, on 
February 7, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
W. Blakeney Woods, a son. 

WORSLEY ( , 34- , 38)— At Toronto, 
on February 5, 1948, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Charles Robert Worsley, a 

WORTS ('25-'27)— At Toronto, on 
September 10, 1947, to Mr. and Mrs. 
James Gooderham Worts, a daugh- 

WRIGHT ('27-'31)— At Toronto,, on 
March 17, 1948, to Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles Edmund Wright, a daugh- 


BATTEN-McN ABB' ( '37 -'42 ) —At 
Toronto, on January 24, 1948, 
Elizabeth Anne McNabb to Alex- 
ander Campbell Batten. 

BREMNER-PARKER ( '33-'42 ) — 
At Noranda, October 30, 1947, 
Dorothy Parker to Michael Walter 

BRUCE-RIDOUT ( , 28- , 37) — At 
Toronto, on December 20, 1947, 
Joan Elizabeth Ridout to Herbert 
Maxwell Bruce. 

CLARK-BROWN ('33-'40)— At To- 
ronto, on March 11. 1948, Shirley 
Adelaide Brown to Gavin Christie 

CLARK-WELSH ('36-'41)— At To- 
ronto, on January 7, 1948, Helen 
Barbara Welsh to William James 
Loudon Clark. 

CREAN-GRANT f22-'32)— At Ot- 
tawa during February, 1948, Eliza- 
beth Muriel Grant to Gordon Gale 
Crean, of Toronto. 

EPSTEIN-BUDD ('30-'35, '37-'38) 
—At Toronto, on January 20, 1948, 
Inez Rhoda Budd to Herbert Bern- 
ard Epstein. 

'43)— At Brantford, Ont. on Feb- 
ruary 14, 1948, Muriel Ross Mac- 
donald to Douglas Charles Halden- 
by, of Toronto. 

'41) — At Toronto, on January 31, 
1948, Barbara Dean Poupore to 
William Douglas Heintzman. 

'32)— At Toronto, on April 14, 
1948, Enid Henderson to Charles 
Augustus Stephen Heward. 

HOBBS-BULL ('21-'28)— At To- 
ronto, on April 17, 1948, Iris Isabel 
Bull to John Marshall Hobbs. 

KELK-LOVANY ('43-'44)— At To- 
ronto, on March 6, 1948, Patricia 
Lovany to Eric Gilmour Kelk. 

KER-McCULLOCK ('37 -'40) — At 
Gait, Ont, on February 14, 1948, 
Sheila Osborne McCullock to David 
Innes Ker, of Dundas, Ont., 

— At Toronto, on February 21, 1948, 
Joan Haldane Burgess to A. Wood- 
burn Langmuir. 

AIKENHEAD ('07-'12) 

ronto, on January 7, 1948, James 
Thomas Edward Aikenhead. 

AIKINS (77- , 83)— At Cleveland, 
Ohio, U.S.A., on November 13, 
1947, Prof. Herbert Austin Aikens. 

BROWN (78-'81)— At London, 
Ont., on October 28, 1946, Charles 
Southwell Massingberd Brown. 

BROWN ( , 31- , 36)— At Val d'Or, 
P.Q., on April 22, 1948, William 
Eberts Kenneth Brown, of Toron- 

D'AETH ('99-'04)— At Westmount, 
P.Q., on November 25, 1947, John 
Bancroft D'Aeth. 

DRAPER ('91-'93)— At Toronto, on 
April 16, 1948, Selby Draper. 

KILVERT ( , 80- , 82)— At Winnipeg 
on May 22, 1947, Francis Edwin 

LIGHTBOUND f99-'03) — At To- 
ronto, during 1945, Charles H. 

MACDONALD ('81-'92)— At To- 
ronto, on December 15, 1947, Ar- 
thur Nimmo Macdonald. 

'41)— At Toronto, on March 17, 
1948, Marjorie Charlene Brereton 
to Sten Torkelsson Lundberg. 

RIDDELL - LAMBERT ('37-'38)— 
At Toronto, on December 10, 1947, 
Jessica Lambert to Gordon George 

TO WNLE Y - HAAS ( '38-'43 ) —At 
Toronto, on April 3, 1948, Jane 
Anne Hass to Peter Gordon Town- 

WAYLETT-BOXER ('37-'41 )— At 
Toronto, on January 10, 1948, Mary 
Elizabeth (Betty) Boxer to Wil- 
liam Lyle Waylett. 

('37-'42)— At Montreal, on Sep- 
tember 20, 1947, Margaret Marise 
Bishop to Hugh Raymond Willis- 
O'Connor, of Ottawa. 


At To- McMASTER ('89-'91)— At Van- 
couver, B.C., on August 16, 1947, 
James Alexander Carson Mc- 

MIDDLETON (74-74)— At To- 
ronto, on February 18, 1948, Hon- 
orable William Edward Middleton, 

MILLS (71-72, 73-75)— At Bal- 
boa, California, U.S.A., on Feb- 
ruary 23, 1948, James McVicar 

MORRISON f86-'87)— At Toron- 
to, on December 10, 1947, Robert 
Arthur Morrison. 

PATRICK ('64)— Ait Calgary, on 
April 9, 1948, Allan P. Patrick . 

SHIRRIFF C93-'94)— At Toronto, 
on April 12, 1948, William Mac- 
nider Shirriff. 

SKAITH (TO-'ll)— At Toronto, on 
January 10, 1948, Turner Howard 

STEED ('87-'88)— At Waltham, 
Mass., U.S.A., on December 22, 
1947, Robert William Steed. 

TUPPER (79-'81)— At Winnipeg, 
on December 16, 1947, William 
Johnston Tupper. 




ABEL, John Barrington 

273 Russell Hill Rd. 
ABOUD, Harry 

52 Langley Ave. 
ABOUD, Henry Lloyd 

88 Whitmore Ave. 
ABRAHAM, John Kalil 

51 Thorncliffe Ave. 
ABRAHAM, John Michael 

184 Coldstream Ave. 
ADAMS, Alan Jas. 

4 Dewbourne Ave. 
ADAMS, Robert M. 

2 Clarendon Ave. 
AGNEW, John Lyons 

c/o Mrs. J. L. Agnew Sr., 45 Spadina Rd. 
AIKENHEAD, Edward Sherris 

1 Browside Dr. 
AIKENHEAD, John Wilfred 

63 Hillholme Rd. 
AIRD, John Black 

201 Rosemary Rd. 
ALEXANDER, John Westren 

47 Dunloe Rd. 
ALEXANDER, Wm. Gordon 

2 Kingsmere Rd. 
ALLAN, Alexander Morrison 

179 Balmoral Ave. 
ALLAN, Grant 

167 St. Clair Ave., W. 
ALLAN, Norman Fraser 

78 Summerhill Ave. 
ALLAN, Wm. Edward 

153 Wellesley Cr. 
ALLEN, Barry, D. 

c/o Park Plaza Hotel, Avenue Rd. 
ALLEN, Forbes Duncan 

74 Harper Ave. 
ALLEN, Gurston Sydney 

Premier Operating Corpn., 72 Carlton St. 
ALLEN, John Leighton Chas. 

57 Chestnut Park Rd. 
ALLERSTON, Thos. Paul 

15 Ritchie Ave. 
AMBUHL, Frank Jerald Wm. 

41 Kennedy Park Rd. 
AMES, Douglas Cox 

c/o Mrs. A. E. Ames, 72 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
AMES, Peter Royden 

255 Blythwood Rd. 
AMOS, Alfred Alonzo 

c/o Mrs. Lanning, 733 Avenue Rd. 
AMSDEN, Lionel Edwin 

83 St. Clair Ave., E. 
ANDERSON, George Moray 

298 St. George St. 
ANDERSON, Jas. Ross 

17 Strathearn Rd. 
ANDERSON, John Chas. Holtby 

305 St. Clement's Ave. 
ANGLIN, Eric Albert 

71 Clarendon Ave. 

ANGUS, Donald Frederick 

229 Russell Hill Rd. 
ANSPACH, Robert George 

2001 Bloor St., W. 
ARCHER, Geoffrey Balfour 

50 Lawton Blvd. 
ARCHIBALD, Chas. Roger 

45 Highland Ave. 
ARMOUR, John Kay 

4 Edmund Gate 
ARMSTRONG, Christopher 

Gairdner & Co. Ltd., 320 Bay St 
ARMSTRONG, David Geoffrey 

190 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
ARMSTRONG, Fred Alvin 

91 Farnham Ave. 
ARMSTRONG, Gordon Thos. Lovell 

91 Farnham Ave. 
ARMSTRONG, Gordon Vernon 

190 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
ARNAUD, Michael Douglas 

Trinity College, University of Toronto 
ARNOLDI, Errol Louis Fauquier 

129 Inglewood Dr. 
ARNOLDI, Frank Fauquier 

30 Oriole Gardens 
ARNOLDI, Percy Clarence Fauquier 

c/o Miss Joan Arnoldi, 31 Lowther Ave. 

129 Inglewood Dr. 
ARTHUR, John Greig 

364 Laird Dr. 
ARTHUR, Paul Rodney 

20 Montclair Ave. 
ATKINSON, Edmund Percy 

121 Tyndall Ave. 
ATKINSON, Philip McMurtry 

35 Admiral Rd. 
AUSTIN, Jas. Percival 

285 Spadina Rd. 
AXLER, Murray Allan 

c/o M. Axler & Co., 200 Eastern Ave. 
AYKROYD, George Cecil 

28 Maxwell Ave. 
AZIZ, Abraham Assaf 

14 Forest Hill Rd. 
AZIZ, Alexander Assaf 

14 Forest Hill Rd. 
AZIZ, Frank Assaf 

14 Forest Hill Rd. 
AZIZ, Salim A. 

54 Dunloe Rd. 
AZIZ, Wm. 

14 Forest Hill Rd. 

BABBITT, Walter George Meredith 

217 Bay St. 
BACQUE, Graeme Frederic Evan 

40 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
BACQUE, Hugh Stafford 

40 Rosedale Heights Dr. 

BACQUE, Jas. Watson 

40 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
BAILES, Donald F. 

318 Inglewood Dr. 
BAILLIE, Chas. Hewat 

306 Spadina Rd. 
BAILLIE, Kenneth 

Apt. 6, 101 Lawton Blvd. 
BAIN, Jas. Davidson 

393 Brunswick Ave. 
BAINES, Richard Egerton Allen 

485 Huron St. 
BAINES, Robert Hamilton 

117 Balmoral Ave. 
BAKER, Albert George 

166 Old Orchard Gr. 
BAKER, Chas. Franklin 

64 Fairfield Rd. 
BAKER, Donald Richard 

44 Jackes Ave. 
BAKER, Frank Harrington 

11 Relmar Rd. 
BAKER, Harvey Cockshutt 

44 Jackes Ave. 
BAKER, Langton George 

44 Jackes Ave. 
BALDWIN, Clarence Alfred 

477 Oriole Parkway 
BALDWIN, Donald Macleod 

185 Forest Hill Rd. 
BALDWIN, John Russell 

17 Glencairn Ave. 
BALDWIN, Lawrence Michael 

312 St. Clair Ave., E. 
BALDWIN, Norman Scarlett 

67 Burnaby Blvd. 
BALL, Arthur Winnington Widmer 

28 Wilberton Rd. 
BALL, Harold DeWitt 

174 St. Clair Ave., E. 
BALLANTYNE, Burleigh Patullo 

100 Park Rd. 
BAND, Chas. Penruddocke Wm. Kivas 

95 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
BAND, Chas. Shaw 

2 Mackenzie Ave. 
BAND, Kivas Penruddocke 

95 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
BAND, Percy Carruthers 

41 Teddington Park Ave. 
BANFIELD, Harry Sommerville 

115 Latimer Ave. 
BANKS, Roland Winstanley 

129 South Dr. 
BARBER, Herbert Campbell 

100 Wychwood Park 
BARNETT, Reginald Victor Macaulay 

62 Brooklyn Ave. 
BARRETT, Joseph Flavelle 

214 Strathallan Wood 
BARRETT, Wm. Wallace 

317 Glenayr Rd. 

9 Sultan St. 
BARTON, David Anthony 

1901 Star Bldg. 80 King St., W. 

BARTRAM, Gordon Thos. 

82 Broadway Ave. 
BARTRAM, S. Turnil 

82 Broadway Ave. 
BARTRAM, Vivian Welch 

82 Broadway Ave. 
BARWICK, Hugh Atkinson 

61 Chestnut Park Rd. 
BASSEL, John Peter 

777 Spadina Rd. 
BAXTER, Robert, J. Jr. 

789 Gerrard St., E. 
BAYLY, John Campbell 

75 Madison Ave. 
BAZOS, Jas. Frank 

11 Blythwood Cr. 
BEAL, George Wm. 

1 Harbord St. 
BEAL, Harvey Norman 

49 St. Clair Ave., W. 
BEAMISH, Lome Gregor 

84 Roxborough Dr. 
BEAR, Murray Ross 

840 Eglinton Ave., W. 
BEARD, Robert Dudley 

341 St. Clair Ave., W. Apt. B 
BEARE, Bateson Francis 

350 Spadina Rd. 
BEATTIE, Wm. John Dunlop 

42 The Kingsway 
BEATTY, Adam Alexander 

53 Ava Rd. 
BEATTY, Chas. Wm. 

121 St. George St. 
BEATTY, Clifford Gooderham 

74 Clarendon Ave. 
BEATTY, Clifford Wm. 

74 Clarendon Ave. 
BEATTY, Edmond Geoffrey 

109 Dunvegan Rd. 
BEATTY, Geoffrey Byrne 

109 Dunvegan Rd. 
BEATTY, Harold Duggan 

297 Rosewell Ave. 
BEATTY, Henry Albert 

122 Dunvegan Rd. 
BEATTY, Jas. Stanley 

66 Rathnally Ave. 
BEATTY, Percy Wood 

4 Ava Cr. 
BEATTY, Richard Percy 

4 Ava Cr. 
BEATY, David Sidney 

496 St. Clement's Ave. 
BEATY, Wm. Stevenson 

12 Delisle Ave. 
BEAUCHAMP, Walter Newton 

66 Rosehill Ave. 
BEBELL, Chas. Jacob 

c/o W. F. Bebell Esq. 1220 Avenue Rd. 
BEBELL, Clifford Swift 

1220 Avenue Rd. 
BEBELL, Wm. Francis 

c/o W. F. Bebell, Esq., 1220 Avenue Rd. 
BECK, Alfred Edward 

13 Binscarth Rd. 


BECK, Frederick Allan 

619 Avenue Rd. 
BECK, George Arthur 

17 Forest Glen Cr. 
BECK, George Hammersley 

1930 Yonge St., Apt. 102 
BECK, Harry Romeyn 

149 Walmer Rd. 
BECK, Horace Wilfred 

106 Douglas Dr. 
BECK, Wm. Frank 

17 Ormsby Cr. 
BECK, Wm. George 

17 Ormsby Cr. 
BECKER, John Chas. 

135 Mona Dr. 
BECKWITH, Alan Frank 

5 Foxbar Rd. 
BEEMER, Andrew Muirhead 

468 Brunswick Ave. 
BEEMER, Arthur Alexander 

468 Brunswick Ave. 
BELL, Andrew Beauchamp Mackintosh 

73 Glengrove Ave., W. 
BELL, Eric Ward 

33 Lascelles Blvd. 
BELL, Norman Brooke 

33 Oriole Parkway 
BELYEA, Everton Roy 

419 Fairlawn Ave. 
BENEDICT, Peter McLaren 

120 Broadway Ave. 
BENNETT, Anthony Douglas 

72 Lascelles Blvd. 
BENNETT, Norman D. C. Graff 

168 Cortleigh Blvd. 
BENNETT, Peter Ward 

232 Douglas Dr. 

11 Parkwood Ave. 
BERKINSHAW, Richard Coulter 

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. of Canada Ltd., 

New Toronto 
BERNHARDT, Garnet, Hartley 

2561 Bloor St., W. 

4 Avenue Rd. 
BEST, Chas. Alexander 

78 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
BEST, Wm. Stuart 

246 Forest Hill Rd. 
BETHUNE, Norman Wm. 

141 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
BETHUNE, Robert Thos. 

26 Rowanwood Ave. 
BEVERLEY, Wm. John Eric 

14 Montclair Ave. 
BIDDLE, Jack Burbank 

27 King's Garden Rd. 
BIGGAR, Jas. Hamilton 

Upper Canada College 
BIGGS, George Lee 

118 Orchard View Blvd. 

97 Avenue Rd. 

BIRKS, Arthur Henry 

151 Dun vegan Rd. 
BISCOE, John Vincent Jarvia 

Old Yonge St., York Mills 
BLACHFORD, Horace Percival 

17 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
BLACK, Henry N. 

229 Glenview Ave. 
BLACK, John Bryce 

310 Russell Hill Rd. 
BLACKHALL, Wm. Edward 

90 Indian Grove 
BLACKMAN, Albert Bryce 

213 Douglas Ave. 
BLACKMAN, Chas. Francis 

137 Eglinton Ave., W. 
BLACKSTOCK, David Gibbs 

52 Warren Rd. 
BLAIN, David 

35 Millbank Rd. 
BLONG, Easton 

63 Hillhurst Blvd. 
BOECKH, James Chas. 

248 Russell Hill Rd. 
BOECKH, John Chas. 

248 Russell Hill Rd. 
BOECKH, John George 

248 Russell Hill Rd. 
BOECKH, John Stanley 

248 Russell Hill Rd. 
BOGART, Ernest Clarkson 

4 Wychwood Park 
BOGART, Geoffrey Louis 

4 Wychwood Park 
BOLTE, Auguste Armour Jr. 

206 Heath St. W. 
BOLTE, Augustus Armour 

58 Russell Hill Rd. 
BOND, Frederick Henry Kingstone 

306 South Kingsway 
BOND, John Aubrey 

485 Duplex Ave. 
BONGARD, Blair Colin 

80 Woodlawn Ave., E. 
BONGARD, Cecil Harvey 

41 Kennedy Park Rd. 
BONGARD, Gordon Ross Pearson 

80 Woodlawn Ave., E. 
BONGARD, Jas. Gordon 

6 Glengrove Ave., W. 
BONNELL, Walter Herbert Muirhead 

275 Oriole Parkway 
BONNER, Howard Barclay 

239 Dunvegan Rd. 
BONNER, Keith 

20 Ardmore Rd. 
BOOMER, Chas. Hewitt 

173 Cottingham St. 
BOOTHE, Albert Norman 

101 Wembley Rd. 

247 Dunvegan Rd. 
BOUKYDIS, Gus Chas. 

4 Preston Place 

115 Melrose Ave. 


BOULTON, Peter Meredith 

8 Mallory Gardens 
BOULTON, Wm. Oswald D'Arcy 

2 Clarendon Ave. 
BOURLIER, Henry Chas. 

69 Huron Dr. 
BOWCOCK, Geoffrey Chas. 

c/o G. W. Bowcock & Co., 67 Yonge St 
BOWEN, Wm. Arthur 

106 Highbourne Rd. 
BOWERBANK, Edward Hemming Scott 

116 Farnham Ave. 
BOWES, Thos. Howard 

104 South Dr. 
BOWMAN, Edward Wm. 

329 St. Clair Ave., E. 
BOYD, Arthur Macallum 

4 Oriole Gardens 
BOYD, Edmund 

71 Highland Ave. 
BOYD, George Hodgson 

487-A Parkside Dr. 
BOYD, John Richard Shields 

92 Roslin Ave. 
BOYD, Philip Ewing 

646 Huron St. 
BOYD, Wm. Thos. Hillyer 

14 De Vere Gardens 
BOYER, George Michael 

110 Heath St., W. 
BOYER, John Chas. 

152 Moore Ave. 
BRACKEN, Ronald Douglas McLean 

66 Rose Park Dr. 
BRADFIELD, Thos. Stone 

222 Forest Hill Rd. 
BRADSHAW, Wm. Alexander 

37 Burnside Dr. 
BRANTON, George Edward 

58 Yarmouth Rd. 
BRATHWAITE, Jas. Yelverton Warren 

177 Lyndhurst Ave. 

23 Douglas Cr. 
BREMNER, Peter Clifden 

112 Keewatin Ave. 
BRENT, Beresford Deyell 

139 Howland Ave. 
BRIERLEY, Michael 

5 Clarendon Ave. 
BRIGDEN, Guy Geldard 

404 Rosemary Rd. 
BRIGGS, Robert Taylor 

116 Alexandra Blvd. 
BRISLEY, John Leonard 

289 Bayview Ave. 

55 Castle Frank Rd. 
BROCK, Jeffry Weston 

313 Inglewood Dr. 
BROOKE, Harold John 

88 Madison Ave. 
BROOKE, John Watson 

33 Duncannon Dr. 
BROUSE, Lionel Terence 

38 Astley Ave. 

BROWER, Edward Julien 

34 Kilbarry Rd. 
BROWER, John Knutson 

34 Kilbarry Rd. 
BROWN, Chas. Wessels 

14 Willcocks St. 
BROWN, Frederick Albert 

2 Hillholme Rd. 
BROWN, George Clinton 

c/o Dept. National Revenue Income Tax 
BROWN, George Stanley 

206 Forest Hill Rd. 
BROWN, Howard Marshall 

2 Elderwood Dr. 
BROWN, John Muir 

40 Duggan Ave. 
BROWN, Robert F. 

14 Willcocks St. 
BROWN, Robert George 

155 Warren Rd. 
BROWN, Stuart Hall 

1110 Yonge St. 
BROWN, Vincent Powell 

19 St. Leonard's Ave. 

645 Spadina Rd. 
BRUCE, Douglas Ian Wallace 

128 St. George St. 
BRUCE, Ernest Keith 

46 Nanton Ave. 
BRUCE, Herbert Maxwell 

150 Balmoral Ave. 
BRUCE, Rupert Goff 

Cor. Dewbourne & Rosemary Lane 
BRYSON, Robert Kilbourn 

177 Dunvegan Rd. 
BUCHAN, Jack Leslie 

58 Clifton Rd. 
BUCHAN, John Lesslie S. 

58 Clifton Rd. 
BUCHANAN, Roy Beresford 

129 Imperial St. 
BUCHANAN, Wm. Oliver 

243 Russell Hill Rd. 
BULL, George Nixon 

107 Farnham Ave. 
BULL, John Roland 

152 Woodmount Ave. 
BULL, Manlius, Cornell 

119 Farnham Ave. 
BULL, Wilford Nixon 

119 Farnham Ave. 
BULLER, John Chas. 

10 Relmar Rd. 
BULMAN, George Roderick Peter 

c/o Prof. H. J. C. Ireton, 76 Lonsdale Rd. 
BURDEN, Eaton K. 

120 Dinnick Cr. 
BURDEN, Stuart Patrick 

26 St. Andrew's Gardens 
BURGESS, A. Campbell 

306 Russell Hill Rd. 
BURKART, Otto Francis 

34 Rosedale Heights Dr. 


BURNHAM, Howard Hampden 

200 St. Clair Ave., W. 
BURROWS, Chas. Acton 

236 Forest Hill Rd. 
BURTON, Frank Lindsay 

717 Eglinton Ave., W. 
BURTON, Guy Atkinson 

160 Cortleigh Blvd. 
BUSK, Kenneth John 

13 King George's Dr. 
BUTTERFIELD, Michael Paul Aidan 

54 St. Mary's St. 

CALDERWOOD, Hugh Rowand 

34 Wychwood Park 
CALDWELL, Henry Winnett 

14 Walker Ave. 
CALDWELL, Kenneth 

76 Hazelton Ave. 

311 Heath St., E. 
CAMERON, Harold Edward 

110 Balmoral Ave. 
CAMERON, Kenneth Aird 

45 St. Clair Ave., W. 
CAMERON, Matthew Crooks 

144 South Dr. 
CAMERON, Roderick Wm. David 

168 Browning Ave. 

49 Joicey Blvd. 
CAMPBELL, Jas. Ronald Patrick 

45 Spadina Rd. 
CAMPBELL, John Lestock 

Imperial Oil Bldg., Church & King Sts. 
CAMPBELL, John Norman 

123 Dunvegan Rd. 
CAMPBELL, Lome Wm. Mclvor 

72 Otter Cr. 
CAMPBELL, Norman Howard 

123 Dunvegan Rd. 
CAMPBELL, Robert Elwyn 

411 Heath St., E. 
CAMPBELL, Robert Maclver 

72 Otter Cr. 
CARPENTER, Alan Digby 

412 St. Clement's Ave. 
CARRY, Morgan 

27 Oriole Parkway 
CARTER, John Albertson 

17 Glenview Ave. 
CARTER, Walter Baillie 

29 Kilbarry Rd. 

20 Blythwood Rd. 
CASEY, Francis Biggar 

33 Coulson Ave. 
CASSELS, Walter Patrick H. 

94 Dunloe Rd. 
CASSIDY, Frank Clyne 

78 Rosemount Ave. 
CAULFIELD, Jas. Gordon 

1 Nanton Ave. 
CAWTHRA, John Joseph 

5 Elm Ave. 

CHAIKOFF, Ronald Hugh 

272 Bathurst St. 
CHALMERS, Wallace Gordon 

137 Lonsdale Rd. 
CHAMANDY, Edward N. 

39 Laird Dr. 

1971 Dufferin St. 

27 Elora Rd. 
CHAMBERS, George Douglas 

67 Lawton Blvd. 
CHANDLER, Chas. Massey 

61 Highland Ave. 
CHANDLER, Howard Hildyard 

36 Burton Rd. 
CHAPMAN, Frederick Wm. 

89 Moore Ave. 
CHAPMAN, Howard Dennison 

293 Roxborough St, E. 
CHAPMAN, John Archibald 

17 Enderby Rd. 
CHAPPELL, Walter Allan 

21 Lauder Ave. 
CHARLES, Peter Robert Leslie 

198 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
CHARTERS, Chas. Frederick 

14 Munro Park 
CHASSELS, Ross Douglas 

31 Buckingham Ave. 
CHATER, Derek John Walter 

82 Chaplin Cr. 
CHERRY, Richaid Cowan 

116 Grenadier Rd. 
CHERRY, Westcott W. 

754 Avenue Rd. 
CHERRY, Wm. Garrett 

23 Errington Ave. 
CHISHOLM, Duncan Archibald 

334 Spadina Rd. 
CHISHOLM, George Crawford 

161 Chaplin Cr. 
CHISHOLM, George Warren 

12 Westacres Dr. 

105 O'Hara St. 

3 Ridge Dr. 
CLARK, Arthur Hugh 

206 Millwood Rd. 
CLARK, Ellis Wickham 

29 Gothic Ave. 
CLARK, Gavin Christie 

242 Dunvegan Rd. 
CLARK, Gordon Chas. Lloyd 

9 Apsley Ave. 
CLARK, Russell Edwin 

41 Raymond Ave. 
CLARK, Wm. Jas. Loudon 

223 St. Clement's Ave. 
CLARK, Wm. Norman 

122- A Jameson Ave. 
CLARKE, Chas. Edward 

1435 Bathurst St. 
CLARKE, Harry Clement Lendrowe 

51-A Foxbar Rd. 
CLARKE, John Alfred 

31 McKayfield Rd. 
CLARKE, John Cullen 

c/o F. C. Clarke, Esq., 150 Balmoral Ave. 
CLARKE, Ross Jr. 

59 Douglas Dr. 
53 Dunvegan Rd. 
CLARKSON, Cuthbert Bames 
58 Admiral Rd. 


CLARKSON, Edward Guy 

1U Burton Rd. 
CLARKSON, Geoffrey Perry 

29 Jesse Ketchum Ave. 
CLARKSON, Guy Collingwood 

10 Burton Rd. 
CLARKSON, John Douglas 

24 Dinnick Cr. 
CLARKSON, Maurice Fraser 

60 Oriole Gardens 
CLARKSON, Roger Curran 

83 Highbourne Ave. 
CLASSEY, Joseph Herbert 

9 Deer Park Cr. 
CLELAND, Hugh Neal 

Toronto General Hospital 
CLEM, Edgar Douglas 

56 Beaufort Rd. 
CLEVERLEY, Arthur Robert Jr. 

43 Hawarden Cr. 
COATES, David Ewing 

175 Highbourne Rd. 

24 Duplex Ave. 
COATS WORTH, Chas. Edward 

4 Tennis Cr. 
COATSWORTH, Emerson Stradman 

17 Dinnick Cr. 
COATSWORTH, Emerson Taylor 

17 Dinnick Cr. 
COATSWORTH, Richard Collier 

120 Albertus Ave. 
COCHRAN, Hugh Eric Esme 

133 Farnham Ave. 

255 Roxborough St., E. 
COCHRANE, Hugh David 

145 Strathallan Blvd. 
COCHRANE, Wilbur Carlisle 

255 Roxborough St., E. 
COCKBURN, Ross Collier 

87 Seymour Ave. 
COHEN, Alfred King 

73 Dowling Ave. 
COHEN, Joseph Meyer 

398 Avenue Rd. 
COLE, Richard George Gilbert 

63 Fairside Ave. 
COLLEY, Jas. Temple Bellasyse 

18 Delavan Ave. 
COLLING, Chas. Hamilton 

114 Mona Dr. 
COLLING Douglas John 

149 Coldstream Ave. 
CONBOY, Alvin Frederick 

280 Greer Rd. 
CONNELL, George Edward 

99 St. George St. 
CONOLLY, Wm. Loring 

127 Madison Ave. 
COOK, George Stuart Haigh 

76 Lonsdale Rd. 
COOK, Jess Applegath 

100 Glen Rd. 
COOK, John Verner 

322 Glen Ayr Ave. 
COOKE, Robert Edward 

204 Kingston Rd. 
COOMBS, John Ames 

120 Warren Rd. 
COON, John D'Arcy 

40 Edgar Ave. 
COOPER, Arthur Frederick 

174 Morningside Ave. 
COOPER, Donald Wm. Massie 

48 Douglas Dr. 
COOPER, Gordon McNeill 

154 Riverside Dr. 
COOPER, Kenneth Vincent 

1-A Benlamond Ave. 
COOPER, Murray 

34 Vesta Dr. 
COPELAND, Francis Alexander 

18 Wellington St., E. 

9 Glen Grove Ave., W. 
COPP, David Holdroy 

490 Runnymede Rd. 

COPP, Win. 

592 Sherbourne St. 
CORBET, George Seaton 

135 McPherson Ave. 
CORBETT, Keith Campaigne Bowerman 

25 Duplex Ave. 
CORBETT, Norman Bosworth 

26 Summerhill Gardens 
CORKILL, John Thos. 

64 Chaplin Cr. 
CORLETT, Clucas Roger 

c/o Mrs. A. Corlett, 20 Westbrooke Ave. 
CORY, Robert Young 

2-A Wilberton Rd. 
COSBIE, Waring Gerald 

12 Dunloe Rd. 
COSTE, Eugene Frank 

185 Heath St., W. 
COSTE, Robert Maxwell 

22-A Edgar Ave. 
COTE, Albert Pierre 

c/o A. U. Cote Esq., Windsor Arms Hotel 
COULSON, Duncan Jas. Frederick 

8 Meadow Crest Rd. 
COULSON, Jas. Francis Peters 

75 Hillholme Rd. 
COWAN, Chas. Gibbs 

1239 Avenue Rd. 
COWAN, Robert Bruce 

22 Kingsway Cr. 
COWAN, Wm. Dickson 

9 Oaklands Ave. 
COX, Wallace Dunning 

314 Lonsdale Rd. 
CRABTREE, Wm. Ernest Garner 

59 Douglas Cr. 
CRAGG, Peter Sydney Barrett Hayes 

73 Oriole Rd. 
CRAIG, John Archibald Douglas 

30 Strathearn Blvd. 
CRANG, Jas. Harold 

40 Burton Rd. 
CRANG, John Alexander Ralph 

8 Regal Rd. 
CRAWFORD Gordon Grantham 

76 Avenue Rd. 
CRAWFORD,-BROWN, Lyman Melvin 

51 Dunvegan Rd. 
CRAWFORD, Murray Chas. 

179 Teddington Park 
CRAWFORD, Tom Stevenson 

77 Poplar Plains Cr. 
CRAWFORD, Wm. Ramsden 

77 Poplar Plains Cr. 
CREAN, John Gale 

161 Forest Hill Rd. 
CRERAR Thos. Hope 

54 Madison Ave. 
CRESSY, Joseph Vincent 

71 Snowdon Ave. 
CROFT, Anthony Wilkes 

255 Glencairn Ave. 

45 Strathallan Blvd. 

255 Glencairn Ave. 
CROFT, Wm. Jr. 

725 Eglinton Ave., W. 
CROMPTON, Frederick Chas. Blackburn 

77 Forest Hill Rd. 
CROMPTON, John Boucher 

60 Felbrigg Ave. 
CROMPTON, Richard Bouchier 

91 Brooke Ave. 
CROOKSTON, Jas. Gordon Willock 

Apt. 401 Pall Mall Apts., 3110 Yonge St. 
CROWTHER, Austin Torronce 

36 Halton St. 

89 Regal Rd. 
CRUIKSHANK, Robert Alexander 

Pall Mall Ats., 3110 Yonge St. 
CRUISE, John Alexander 

251 Gladstone Ave. 
CULVERHOUSE, Donald Fraser 

49 Baby Point Rd. 
CUMMING, George Louis 

Toronto Golf Club, Long Branch 


CUNNINGHAM, Archibald Gilbert 

277 St. Leonards Ave. 
CUTHBERTSON, George Alexander 

596 Briar Hill Ave. 
CUTTEN, Arthur Forbes 

120 Forest Hill Rd. 

DALY, Richard Arthur Jr. 

321 Bloor St., W. 
DARLING, Chas. Warren 

7 Maple Ave. 
DARLING, Warren Wm. Gibson 

29 Farnham Ave. 
DASHWOOD, John Jennings 

987 Kingston Rd. 
DAVERN Lancelot Netherey 

56 Spadina Rd. 
DAVIDSON, Alexander Topp 

21 Sussex Ave. 
DAVIDSON, Edward Moss 

60 Duggan Ave. 
DAVIDSON, Frederick Joseph 

1483 Queen St., W. 
DAVIDSON, John Richard 

322 Spadina Rd. 

DA VIES, Joseph Edgar 

2 Edgar Ave. 
DAVIS, Aubrey Johnston 

277 Cortleigh Blvd. 
DAVIS, Kenneth Andrew 

9 Kingsway Cr. 
DAVIS, Theodore Joseph 

62 Jane St. 
DAVIS, Wilfred 

50 Raglan Ave. 
DAWKINS, Jack Bernard Donald 

269 Forest Hill Rd. 
DAWKINS, Peter Bradley Harold 

269 Forest Hill Rd. 
DAWSON, Robert MacGiegor 

20 Oriole Gardens 
DAY, Lawrence Spencer 

425 Eglinton Ave., W. 
DEAN, Arthur Cyril 

Imperial Life Ins. Co., Cor. Bay & Bloor Sts. 
DEAN, Harry Smart 

141 Macdonell Ave. 
DEAN, Kenneth Jas. Cadman 

390 Strathmore Blvd. 
DEARNESS, Ian Hamilton 

147 Marion St. 
DEEKS, Douglas Burk 

25 Eastbourne Ave. 
DEEKS, Edward Reid 

226 Dunvegan Rd. 
DEEKS George Campbell 

6 Ridgewood Dr. 
DEFRIES, John Gray 

Defries, DesBrisay & Gunn, 15 Toronto St. 
DEFRIES, Robert Wm. 

169 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
DeGRUCHY, Philip Harold 

17 Raglan Ave. 
DENISON, Egerton Boyer 

70 St. Anne's Rd. 
DENISON, Gordon Cyril 

56 Poplar Plains Rd. 
DENISON, Harold Edmund 

14 Rusholme Dr. 
DENNEHY, Henry Moffat 

17 Strathearn Blvd. 
DENNEHY, Peter Lewis 

17 Strathearn Blvd. 
DENNY, Douglas Alfred 

40 Cluny Dr. 
DENNY, Gordon John 

40 Cluny Dr. 
DENNY, Jas. Ronald 

40 Cluny Dr. 
DENTON, David Wm. Herbert 

141 Dunvegan Rd. 
DENTON, John Wilfred 

141 Dunvegan Rd. 
DETWEILER, Alan Gregory 

65 Douglas Dr. 
DEVLIN, Edward Gordon 

326 Vesta Dr. 

DEVLIN, John Herbert 

Bayview Heights 
DEWAR, David Marshall 

332 Russell Hill Rd. 
DEWAR, John Stuart 

347 Lawrence Ave., W. 
DICKINSON, Benjamin Grant 

54 Fairfield Rd. 
DICKINSON, Richard Bogart 

12 Glemanor Dr. 
DILWORTH, Gordon E. 

79 Elsfield Rd. 
DINNICK, John Savery 

McLeod, Young, Weir & Co., 
900 Metropolitan Bldg. 
DIXON, Garnett Darley 

167 Rosedale Heights Dr. 

East York Collegiate 
DOHERTY, Alfred Wm. 

304 Warren Rd. 
DOHERTY, Brian Wm. 

293 Russell Hill Rd. 
DOHERTY, D'Arcy Manning 

166 Warren Rd. 
DONALDSON, John Milton 

Gair Co. Canada Ltd., 372 Bay St 
DONALDSON, Russell Edgar 

139 Redpath Ave. 
DORFMAN, Edward Andrew 

27 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
DORFMAN, Leo Andrew 

27 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
DOUGLAS, Colin Riordon 

72 Clarendon Ave. 
DOUGLAS, Howard Riordan 

72 Clarendon Ave. 
DOUGLAS, Hume Blake 

139 Roxborough St., W. 
DOUGLAS, J. Harvey 

57 Heathdale Rd. 
DOUGLAS, Jas. Ian 

2914 Bathurst St. 

17 Parkwood Ave. 
DOUGLAS, John Hollister. 

64 Oriole Gardens 
DOUGLAS, Murray Woods 

257 Brooke Ave. 
DOUGLAS, Robert Sholto 

315 Briar Hill Rd. 
DOWNIE, Hugh R. 

14 Ancroft Place 
DRAIMIN, Philip King 

80 Howland Ave. 
DRAPER, Selby 

171 Cottingham S. 
DREW, George Alexander Gibbs 

Parliament Buildings 
DREW-BROOK, Geoffrey Clark 

119 Crescent Rd. 
DREW-BROOK, Thos. Geoffrey 

119 Crescent Rd. 

429 Lytton Blvd. 
DRUMMOND. Arthur Alexander 

63 Inglewood Dr. 

1 Deer Park Cr. 
DRYNAN, John Valentine 

129 Walker Ave. 
DUBAR, Raymond 

309 Oriole Parkway 
DUGGAN, Robert Broddy Jr. 

15 King St., W. 
DUGGAN, Stuart Sidney 

1340 Avenue Rd. 

477 Bayview Ave. 
DUNFIELD, Warren Stuart 

1392 Avenue Rd. 
DUNHAM, Herbert Frederick 

42 Baby Point Cr. 
DUNKELMAN, Benjamin 

53 Russell Hill Rd. 

Tip-Top Tailors, Fleet St. 


DUNN, Douglas Brock 

39 Oakmount Rd. 
DUNSTAN, George Comberbach 

160 Donegal Dr. 
DYKES, Chas. Philip John 

1 Boswell Ave. 
DYMENT, Donald Bruce 

72 Sighthill Ave. 
DYMENT, Douglas Ray 

72 Sighthill Ave. 
DYMOND, Wm. Richard 

205 Cottingham St. 

EAKIN, Nelson D. R. 

18 Hillsdale Ave., W. 
EASTMURE, Arthur Wyburn 

93 Dinnick Cr. 
EASTMAN, Richard 

226 Joicey Ave. 

93 Dinnick Cr. 
EASTWOOD, Frank Taylor 

26 Donino Ave., York Mills 
EATON, Edward 

112 Kilbarry Rd. 
EBY. Hugh Douglas 

592 Jarvis St. 
EBY, Peter McFarren 

526 St. Clair Ave., W. 
EBY, Wm. Percival 

181 Sheldrake Blvd. 
EBY, Wm. Robert 

520 St. Clair Ave., W. 
ECKARDT. Wm. Arthur 

133 Strathallan Blvd. 
EDISON, George 

207 Rosemary Rd. 
EDISON, John Galbraith 

96 Admiral Rd. 
EDWARDS, Alfred Geoffrey 

89 Inglewood Dr. 
EDWARDS, Chas. Massey 

44 Whitehall Rd. 
EDWARDS, Donald Davidson 

89 Inglewood Dr. 
EDWARDS, Frank Webber 

533 St. Clair Ave., W. 
EDWARDS, Jas. Tyrrel 

57 Wanless Ave. 
EDWARDS, John Rupert Ward 

307 Glenayr Rd. 
EDWARDS, Lome Telfer 

17 Pa ton Rd. 
EDWARDS, Oswald Noel 

108 Heath St., W. 

57 Braemar Ave. 
ELLIOTT, David Canfield 

10 Highland Ave. 
ELLIOTT, Francis Brannock Travers 

Superior Optical Co., 20 Bloor St., W. 
ELLIS, Arthur Crawford 

19 Pricefield Rd. 
ELLIS, Chas. Quirk H. 

73 Crescent Rd. 
ELLIS, Chester Rodd 

245 Rushton Rd. 
ELLIS, John Firstbrook 

40 Chestnut Park Rd. 
ELLIS John Jarvis 

173 Dewbourne Ave. 
ELLIS John Robert 

7 Edmund Ave. 
ELLIS, Matthew Taubman Caine 

2 Moore Hill Dr. 
ELLIS, Reginald Cain 

20 Boulton Dr. 
ELMSLEY, Jas. Boulton 

52 Prince Arthur Ave. 
ELY, Edward Herchmer 

19 Strathcarn Rd. 
ELY, John Hart 

30 Glenayr Rd. 

25 King St., W. 
EPSTEIN, Herbert Bernard 

54 Ava Rd. 

ESSERY, John Basil 

150 Albertus Ave. 
EVANS, George Raebarn 

16 Dawlish Ave. 
EVANS, Richard Austin 

309 Avenue Rd. 
EVANS-SMITH, Desmond Homersham 

c/o Mrs. S. Graham, 221 Windermere Ave. 
EWART, Frank Richard 

165 Grenadier Rd. 
EYRE, John Lionel Coborn 

158 St. Leonard's Ave. 

FAGAN, Sydney 

1652 Bathurst St. 
FAIRLIE, Alan Fraser 

22 Edmund Ave. 
FAIRLEY, Wm. Herbert 

107 Heath St., W. 
FARMER, Richard Henry Devey 

142 St. George St. 
FARNCOMB, Donald Gower 

376 Russell Hill Rd. 
FARNCOMB, Eric Maulson 

376 Russell Hill Rd. 
FARQUHARSON, Donald Gordon 

7 Cottingham Rd. 
FARQUHARSON, John Stewart 

10 Dunloe Rd. 
FARRELL, Harold Kenneth 

760 Coxwell Ave. 
FARROW, Grant Edward 

100 Oriole Parkway 
FARWELL, Chas. Franklin 

117 Rochester Ave. 
FARWELL, Stuart McGill 

27 Sunnylea Ave., W. 
FARWELL, Wm. Grant 

195 Inglewood Dr. 
FEE, George Alexander 

4111 Yonge St. 
FEE, Jas. Gordon 

c/o Mrs. F. S. Welsman, 83 Brooke Ave. 
FEILDING Chas. Rudolph 

Trinity College 
FERGUSON, Arthur Beresford 

c/o A. B. Ferguson Co. Ltd., 1 Toronto St 
FERGUSON, John Hunter 

38 Rose Park Dr. 
FERGUSON, John Ritchie 

145 O'Connor Dr. 
FERGUSSON, Blair Tower 

c/o Mrs. Lesslie Fergusson, 
49 St. Clair Ave., W. 

181 Glenrose Ave. 
FERGUSSON, Robert Tower 

181 Glenrose Ave. 
FERRIER, Richmond Hamilton 

36 Astley Ave. 
FESS, Wm. Edward Campbell 

12 Relmar Rd. 
FIEGEHEN, Kenneth Blair 

717 Eglmton Ave. W. 
FINCH, Jas Grant 

70-A Lonsdale Rd. 
FINDLAY, Walter Alexander 

326 Avenue Rd. 
FINLAYSON, Reginald Wm. 

64 Binscarth Rd. 
FIRSTBROOK. Donald Scott 

1 Doncliffe Place 

38 Sussex St. 
FISCHER, Gerhard Emil Carl Edgar 

7 Robinwood Ave. 
FISCHER, Laurenz Svante Otto Hermann 

7 Robinwood Ave. 
FISH, Donald Paul 

326 St. George St. 
FISHER, Wm. Clement 

514 St. Clair Ave. E. 

186 Balmoral Ave. 
FLAVELLE, Joseph David 

73 DeVere Gardens 
FLEMING, Alexander 
25 Shields Ave. 


FLEMING. Atwell 

189 Strathgowan Ave. 
FLEMING, Jas. Ross 

616 Avenue Rd. 
FLEMING, John Patten 

61 Foxbar Rd. 
FLEMING, Torrance Alexander 

25 Shields Ave. 
FLETCHER, Francis Esten 

400 Avenue Rd. 
FLETCHER, John McNairn 

3 Hillholme Rd. 
FLETT, Walter Ernest 

195 Dawlish Ave. 
FLEURY, Wm. Eric 

85 Bedford Rd. 
FLOOK, Harry Kenneth 

327 Rushton Rd. 
FLOYD, Frank Marshall 

476 O'Connor Dr. 
FOLEY, Alexander Herbert 

125 Medland St. 
FORD, Chas. 

7 Hickson St. 
FORWOOD, Thos Watt 

16 Hudson Dr. 
FOSTER, Chas Mainwaring 

45 Bennington Heights Dr. 
FOSTER, George Bowes Grasett 

100 Bedford Rd. 
FOSTER, Hugh Derek 

100 Bedford Rd. 
FOSTER, John Sterling 

23 Humber Trail 
FOULDS, Derek Macdonald 

108 Forest Hill Rd. 
FOULDS, Kenneth Archibald 

108 Forest Hill Rd. 
FOULDS, Philip Steele 

99 Crescent Rd. 

Campbell Mfg. Co. 
Laird Dr. 
FRANKEL, Carl Milford 

10 Douglas Dr. 
FRANKEL, Egmont Lionel 

236 Douglas Dr. 
FRANKEL, Roy Fraley 

73 Hudson Dr. 
FRANKEL, Roy Hecker 

73 Hudson Dr. 
FRANKISH, Robert Wenfield 

60 St. Andrew's Gardens 
FRANKISH, Thompson Alexander 

60 St. Andrew's Gardens 
FRASER, Chas Larkin 

365 Cortleigh Blvd. 
FRASER, John Donald 

490 Russell Hill Rd. 
FRASER, John Ramsey 

119 Imperial St. 
FRASER, Norman McKay 

116 Felbrigg Ave. 
FRASER, Wm. Kasper 

482 Russell Hill Rd. 
FREEDMAN, Robert M. 

7 Adelaide St. W. 
FREER, Wm. Donald 

64 Keewatin Ave. 
FRIED, Joseph Michael 

93 St. Clair Ave. E. 
FULLERTON, Carman Gardiner 

32 Glenayr Rd. 

GABY, Frederick McBeth 

20 Dewbourne Ave. 
GABY, John Robert 

46 Glenayr Rd. 
GABY, Robert MacBeth 

480 Spadina Rd. 
GALE, George Chas. 

200 Heath St. W. 
GALE, George Taylor 

200 Heath St. W. 
GALL, Wm. Cameron 

425 Fairlawn Ave. 
GALLIE, Hugh Richmond 

181 Teddington Park Ave. 

GARDINER, John Douglas 

118-A Springhurst Ave. 
GARDNER, Douglas Bruce 

1215 Avenue Rd. 
GARROW, Alan Balfour 

380 University Ave. 
GARTSHORE, John Alexander Henderson 

108 Highbourne Rd. 
GASH, Arthur Blain 

Milner Ross 
330 Bay St. 
GATES, Wm. George 

13 Lee Ave. 
GEARY, George Reginald 

124 Park Rd. 
GEARY, Richard Reginald 


124 Park Rd. 
GEE, Murray Hartley 

147 Grenadier Rd. 
GELBER, Arthur Elisha 

133 Lowther Ave. 
GELBER, Lionel M. 

133 Lowther Ave. 
GELBER, Marvin Bernard 

133 Lowther Ave. 
GELBER, Sholome Michael 

133 Lowther Ave. 
GEORGE, Chas Churchill 

72 Avenue Rd. 
GEORGE, Michael 

99 Crescent Rd. 
GEORGE, Ruggles 

270 Forest Hill Rd. 

396 Avenue Rd. 
GIANELLI, Victor Ernest 

41 Glenholme Ave. 
GIBBONS, John Cockshutt 

30 Rosedale Rd. 
GIBSON, Daniel Armstrong 

300 Lytton Blvd. 
GIBSON, Desmond Hope 

86 Madison Ave. 
GIBSON, George Goodwin 

145 Heath St. W. 
GIBSON, Jas. Douglas 

406 Glenayr Rd. 
GIBSON, John Aubrey 

438 Walmer Rd. 
GIBSON, Ralph Edward 

243 Warren Rd. 
GIBSON, Thos. Sharon 

136 Avenue Rd. 
GIBSON, Wm. Hugh 

300 Lytton Blvd. 
GILBERT, Hunphrey Holton 

451 Russell Hill Rd. 
GILBERT, John Chas. 

46 Kirknewton Rd. 
GILBERT, Philip Laing 

451 Russell Hill Rd. 
GILBERTSON, Forbes Sangster 

136 Hillsdale Ave. W. 

6-A Wychwood Park 
GILLARD, John Fulton 

2904 Yonge St. 
GILLESPIE, George Edward 

423 Brunswick Ave. 
GILLESPIE, Henry Howland 

115 Glenview Ave. 
GILLESPIE, John Howland 

c/o F. S. Hogarth & Co. 
36 Toronto St. 
GILMOUR, John Patterson 

97 Meadowvale Dr. 
GILMOUR, John Wardrop 

171 St. George St. 
GILMOUR, Thos. Wm. McDonagh 

42 Burton Rd. 
GLAZEBROOK, George de T. Parkin 

135 Madison Ave. 
GLEDHILL, Robert Arthur 

170 Balmoral Ave. 

31 Douglas Dr. 


GLENN, John Thos. 

341 Lytton Blvd. 
GOAD, C. Edward 

249 Warren Rd. 
GOAD, Jas. Barclay 

249 Warren Rd. 
GOAD. Jas. Lawrence 

249 Warren Rd. 
GOAD, John Lawrence 

249 Warren Rd. 
GODEFROY, Wm. Alexander 

120 Oriole Parkway 
GODSON, Arthur Conacher 

57 Oakmount Rd. 
GODWIN, Ernest Thos. 

155 Crescent Rd. 
GOLDIE, Edward Cosby 

606 Huron St. 
GOODERHAM, Albert Edward Tertius 

30 Crestview Rd. 
GOODERHAM, Alexander Leslie 

49 Wellington St., E. 
GOODERHAM, George Wm. 

221 Forest Hill Rd. 
GOODERHAM, Jas. Buchanan 

6 Deer Park Cr. 

6 Deer Park Cr. 
GOODERHAM, Norman Wm. 

31 Jackes Ave. 
GOODERHAM, Peter Buchanan 

6 Deer Park Cr. 
GOODERHAM, Richard Morrison 

31 Jackes Ave. 
GOODYEAR, Roland Macdonald 

311 Indian Rd. Cr. 
GORDON, Harry Duncan Lockhart 

14 Beaumont Rd. 
GORDON, Jas. Neil 

579 Briar Hill Ave. 
GORRIE, Harold Bruce 

251 Forest Hill Rd. 
GOSSAGE, David Brookes 

11 Shorncliffe Ave. 
GOTT, Oliver Wendall Kirke 

75 Strath Ave. 
GOUINLOCK, George Roper 

83 Dunvegan Rd. 
GOUINLOCK, Robert Watson 

135 Glen Rd. 
GOUINLOCK, Robert Walsh 

135 Glen Rd. 
GOURLAY, Albert Harold 

149 Golfdale Rd. 
GOW, George Alexander 

869 Avenue Rd. 
GRABURN, Kingsforth Ernest 

68 Lonsdale Rd. 
GRABURN, Lloyd Kingsforth 

68 Lonsdale Rd. 
GRAHAM, Chas. Frederic Jr. 

91 Queen Anne's Rd. 
GRAHAM, Donald F. 

32 Kilbarry Rd. 
GRAHAM, John W. 

405 Glen Ayr Rd. 
GRAHAM, Roscoe Barry 

106 Warren Rd. 
GRAHAM^ Thos. H. 

15 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
GRAINGER, Jas. Pattillo 

23 Dewbourne Ave. 
GRAINGER, John Raymond 

23 Dewbourne Ave. 
GRANATSTEIN, Samuel Joseph 

42 Ardmore Rd. 
GRAND. Edward Harling 

28 Oriole Rd. 
GRANT, Donald Brerton 

49 Baby Point Cr. 
GRANT, Harold Tudhope 

6 Inglewood Dr. 
GRANT, Jas. Anderson 

86 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
GRANT, Jas. Wetherald 

92 Garfield Ave. 

GRANT, Peter Mitchell Geddes 
c/o Gerald S. Grant ; Esq., 
Upper Canada College 
GRANT Stuart Mackay 

57 Balmoral Ave. 
GRANT, Wm. Lloyd 

51 High Park Blvd. 
GRAY, John Morgan 

38 Chicora Ave. 
GRAY, Robert Allan Lailey 

7 Pine Hill Ave. 
GREENE, Elliott Anson 

151 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
GREENE, Harold Murray 

225 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
GREENE, Vincent Graves 

7 Edmund Ave. 
GREENE Wm. Albert Cater 

55 St. Edmund's Dr. 
GREER, Paul 

49 Nan ton Ave. 
GREEY, Douglas Caparn 

75 Glencairn Ave. 
GREEY, Philip Harvey 

3 Dunloe Rd. 
GREIG, Ewart 

20 Chudleigh Ave. 
GREISMAN, Joel Solomon 

8 Highbourne Rd. 
GREW, Francis Wm. 

118 Orchard View Blvd. 
GRIER, Alexander Monro 

78 Elm Ave. 
GRIER, Esmond 

66 King St., W. 
GRIERSON, Robert Frederick 

37 Strathearn Blvd. 
GRIEVE, John Reginald Willoughby 

159 Forest Hill Rd. 
GRIFFITH, Wm. Jas. Gage 

64 South Dr. 
GRILLS, Thos. David 

641 Spadina Rd. 
GUILFOYLE, Harold Bernard 

33 Burnaby Blvd. 
GUNDY, John Sarpy 

50 Chestnut Park Rd. 
GUNDY, Samuel Frederick 

101 Lawton Blvd. 
GUNN, Norman Alexander 

111 Chudleigh Ave. 
GUNN, Wm. Walker Hamilton 

49 Barrington St. 
GURNEY, Edward Ross 

Gurney Foundry, 4 Junction Rd. 
GWYNNE, John Norman 

27 Dunbar Rd. 
GZOWSKI, Harold Northey 

1366 Yonge St. 

HAHN, David George 

Park Lane, Bayview 
HAHN, Jas. McLagan 

Park Lane, Bayview 
HALDENB\, Douglas Chas. 

70 Crescent Rd. 
HALL, John Alexander 

10 Kilbarry Rd. 
HALL, Phillip Kirkwood 

148 Glenrose Ave. 
HALL, Robert Bruce 

148 Glenrose Ave. 
HALLAM, Douglas Jr. 

66 Garfield Ave. 
HALLAM, Theodore Douglas 

66 Garfield Ave. 
HALSTED, Tracey Addison 

58 Kendal Ave. 
HAMER, Harold 

183 Forest Hill Rd. 
HAMILTON, Chester B. 

43 Madison Ave. 
HAMILTON, Douglas Bertram 

42 Cluny Dr. 
HAMILTON, George Coulthard 

43 Oriole Gardens 


HAMILTON, Phillip Henry Banfill 

19 Glenview Ave. 
HANDLEY, Franklyn Davidson 

405 Elm Rd. 
HANNAH, Beverley 

15 South Dr. 
HANSON, Telfer Reginald 

563 Spadina Rd. 
HARDAKER, Leonard Broomfield 

6 Glenrush Blvd. 
HARDAKER, Leonard Gordon 

422 Eglinton Ave., E. 
HARDING, John Murray 

451 Blythwood Rd. 
HARDY, Donald Kerr 

88 Dunvegan Rd. 
HARDY, Gordon Campbell 

88 Dunvegan Rd. 
HARDY, Patrick Arthur 

63 Forest Hill Rd. 
HARGRAFT, Alan Arthur 

295 King St., E. 
HARGRAFT, George Leslie 

9 Dinnick Cr. 
HARGRAFT, George Murray 

368 Russell Hill Rd. 
HARGRAFT, George Neil 

49 Wellington St., E. 
HARGRAFT, Lawrence Gooderham 

9 Dinnick Cr. 
HARGRAFT, Wm. Hewson 

222 Balmoral Ave. 
HARGRAFT, Wm. MacNachtan 

368 Russell Hill Rd. 
HARKINS, John Leonard Hugh 

90 Kendal Ave. 
HARMAN, Huson Murney 

781 Spadina Rd. 
HARRIS Bertram 

20 Anderson Ave. 
HARRIS, Donald McNally 

75 Forest Hill Rd. 
HARRIS Howard Kilborne 

5 Castle View 
HARRIS, Irving C. 

75 Forest Hill Rd. 
HARRIS, Ralph Franklin 

194 Strathallan Blvd. 
HARRIS, Wm. Robert 

75 Forest Hill Rd. 
HARRISON, Donald Christopher 

17 Roxborough St., E. 
HARRISON, Robert Michael C. 

c/o E. G. McMillan Esq., 98 Dunloe Rd. 
HARRISON, Frederick Christopher 

17 Roxborough St., E. 
HARRISON, Douglas Rennie 

56 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
HARSH AW, Harold Lienau 

328 St. Clement's Ave. 
HART, Alfred Graham 

1844 Bloor St., W. 
HARVEY, Alexander 

275 Park Lawn Rd. 
HARVEY, Chas. Edward 

149 Strathallan Blvd. 
HARVEY, Douglas Jas. 

94 Kilbarry Rd. 
HARVEY, Warren Gardiner 

52 Briar Hill Ave. 
HARVIE, Andrew Kennedy 

511 Spadina Rd . 
HASTIE, John Wm. 

5 Ava Rd. 
HASTINGS, Thos. Chas. 

78 Glenview Ave. 
HAWKS, Thos. Hardaway 

168 Lytton Blvd. 
HAY, John Dunlop 

20 Dunloe Rd. 
HAY John Strathearn 

5 Oriole Parkway 
HAY, Robert 

20 Dunloe Rd. 
HAYES, Barry Bonnycastle 

Snowdon Ave. 
HAYES, Chas. Walter 

289 Oriole Parkway 

HAYES, Gordon Paul 

153 Bessborough Dr. 
HAYES, Percy Dale 

417 Russell Hill Rd. 
HAYWOOD, Kenneth Davison 

372 Bay St. 
HEARNE, Frederick Rea 

10 Ava Cr. 
HEIMBECKER, Jas. Robert 

72 Baby Point Cr. 
HEINTZMAN, Armand Nicholas 

10 Heather Ave. 
HEINTZMAN, Bradford Craig 

106 Glanayr Rd. 
HEINTZMAN, George Bratford 

195 Yonge St. 
HEINTZMAN, George Howard 

174 Warren Rd. 
HEINTZMAN, George Theodore 

288 Strathallan Wood 
HEINTZMAN, Howard Crichton 

174 Warren Rd. 
HEINTZMAN, Wm. Douglas 

174 Warren Rd. 
HELLMUTH, Frederick Gordon 

Ontario Liquor Control Board, University Ave. 

15 Bayview Wood 
HENDERSON, Dugald Austin 

228 Cottingham St. 

743 Avenue Rd. 
HENDERSON, Ernest Malan Jr. 

158 Madison Ave. 
HENDERSON, Gilbert Michael 

111 Admiral Rd. 
HENDERSON, Hugh Andrew 

743 Avenue Rd. 
HENDERSON, Jas. Leslie 

27 Whitney Ave. 
HENDRIE, George C. 

15 Cluny Dr. 
HENDY, Robert Ian 

97 Brookdale Ave. 
HENRY, Eric Thos. Patrick s 

330 Douglas Ave. 
HENRY, Willis 

26 McNairn Ave. 
HEPBURN, John Twatt Jr. 

183 Lyndhurst Ave. 
HERGERT, Raymond Henry 

17 Burton Rd. 
HERMANT, Sydney 

212 Heath St., W. 
HERRON, Douglas George Major 

157 Lascelles Blvd. 
HERVEY, Geoffrey Harcourt 

6 Lynwood Ave. 
HESSIN, Sidney Ernest 

76 St. Leonard's Cr. 
HE WARD, Chas. Augustus S. 

4 Glenmore Rd. 
HEWITT, Foster Wm. 

412 Rosemary Rd. 
HEWSON, Wm. Henry 

10 Westacres Dr. 
HEYD, Gordon Dinnick 

6 Roxborough Dr. 
HICKLIN, Edward Hugh Stephen 

171 Sherwood Ave. 
HICKLIN, Wm. Miles 

171 Sherwood Ave. 
HILL, Edwin George 

226 Russell Hill Rd. 
HILL, Jas. L. 

68 South Dr. 
HILL, Moffat Robertson 

137 The Kingsway 
HILL, Robert Doan 

320 Bay St. 
HOBBS, Jas. 

27 Douglas Dr. 
HOBBS, John Marshall 

210 Poplar Plains Rd. 
HOBSON, Jas. Oliver 

56-A Blvthwood Rd. 

41 Spadina Rd. 


HODGSON, John Murray 

271 Russell Hill Rd. 
HOFMANN, Ross Elwood 

1 Clarendon Ave. 
HOGAN, John Kennedy 

19 Strathearn Blvd. 
HOGG, Stanton Bardsley 

4 Gormley Ave. 
HOGG. Win. Livingston 

60 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
HOLBROOK, Edward Morison 

Imperial Oil Co., Princess St. 
HOLDROYD, Peter Crossley 

163 Old Forest Hill Rd. 

52 Burnside Dr. 
HOLMESTED, George Selwyn 

82 South Dr. 
HOLWELL, Harry Nicolson 

249 Poplar Plains Rd. 
HOME, Donald Bertram 

102 Highbourne Rd. 
HOME, John Bar tram 

102 Highbourne Rd. 
HOME, Wallace Gordon 

316 St. George St. 
HOOD, H. Duggan 

266 Woburn Ave. 
HOOD, Wharton Ridout 

720 Spadina Ave. 
HOOD, Wm. Young 

21 Gloucester Grove 
HOOPER, Edward John 

208 Douglas Dr. 
HOPKINS, Albert Parker 

52 Lytton Blvd. 
HOPKINSON, Robert Alan 

19 Lynwood Ave. 
HOPPS, Herbert Livingston 

c/o T. Eaton Co., Ltd. 
HORKINS, Richard Robert 

210 Dunvegan Rd. 
HORKINS, Wm. Edward 

210 Dunvegan Rd. 
HORROCKS, Trevor J. 

18 Edgewood Cr. 
HOSKIN, Wm. Arthur Gordon 

66 Admiral Rd. 
HOSSACK, Donald Ross 

34 Dinnick Cr. 
HOUGHTON, Wilfred Tudor 

23 Rosedale Rd. 
HOUSTON, Wm. Arthur 

39 Standish Ave. 
HOW, Edward John 

64 Cheritan Ave. 
HOWARD, Allan Maclean 

321 Rosemary Rd. 
HOWARD, Lewis Alexander 

412 Glen Ayr Ave. 
HOWARD, Richard Bertram 

St. James Court 
St. Clair Ave., W. 
HOWARD, Vaughan MacLean 

210 Inglewood Dr. 
HOWARD, Warren Roger 

10 Pote Ave. 
HOWE, Gordon Percival 

13 Seneca Ave., Algonquin Island 
HOWE, Harold Dean 

20 Winston Grove W. 
HOWE, Kirkwood Brown 

328 Russell Hill Rd. 
HOWE, Richard Dean 

328 Russell Hill Rd. 
HOWLAND, George Kirkpatrick 

1 Church St. 
HOWLAND, Wm. Goldwin Carrington 

72 Forest Hill Rd. 
HUBBARD, Edward Derry 

264 Winona Dr. 
HUDSON, George Robert 

261 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
HUDSON, Harold Edgar 

1 Cheritan Ave. 
HUDSON, Ralph Mackenzie 

54 Summerhill Gardens 

HUFF, Clarence Edward 

8 Mallory Gardens 
HUFFMAN, Richard John 

74 Oriole Rd. 
HUGHES, John Franklin 

47 Poplar Plains Rd. 
HULL, Thos Edward 

42 Alberta Ave. 
HUMPHREY, Jas. Gordon 

291 Sheldrake Blvd. 
HUMPHRIES, Donald Garth 

93 Glencairn Ave. 
HUMPHRIES, John Woodward 

93 Glencairn Ave. 
HUNT Reginald Laidlaw 

149 Inglewood Dr. 
HUNT, Ross Kingsley 

105 Northcliffe Blvd. 
HUNT, Roy Thos. 

22 Vesta Dr. 
HUNTER, Bryce Pepall 

32 Walmer Rd., N. 
HUNTER, Donald Fleming 

c/o MacLean-Hunter Publishing Co., Ltd. 
481 University Ave. 
HUNTER, Edmund Robert 

59 Chestnut Park Rd. 
HUNTER, Gordon Coleman 

194 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
HUNTER, Horace Wm. 

199 Inglewood Dr. 
HUNTER, Murray Jas. 

6 Alexandra Wood 
HUTCHINGS, George Kenneth 

102 Humbercrest Blvd. 
HUTCHINSON, Rowan Theodore 

27 Albertus Ave. 
HUTCHISON, Alan Delamere 

30 Walker Ave. 
HUTCHISON, Henry Seaton 

30 Walker Ave. 
HUTCHISON, Ralph Delamere 

30 Walker Ave. 
HUTNER, Arthur Matthews 

12 Boulton Dr. 

180 Warren Rd. 
HUTSON, John Thos. 

148 Bloor St., W. 
HUTZULAK, Paul Orest 

186 Golfdale Rd. 
HYLAND, Gordon 

147 Dunvegan Rd. 

INGLIS, Henry Alexander 

24 Admiral Rd. 
INGLIS, Percy Alexander 

24 Admiral Rd. 
INGLIS, Robert Wm. 

50 Poplar Plains Cr. 
INNES, Wm. Carnegie 

749 Yonge St. 
IRESON, Charles Norman A. 

144 Walmer Rd. 
IRESON, Edward Taylor 

53 Monarch Park Ave. 
IRISH, Mark Howard 

46 Chestnut Park Rd. 
IRWIN, Chas. Warren Jr. 

697 Eglinton Ave., W. 
IRWIN, Granville Elton 

291 Wolverleigh Blvd. 

JACKES, Albert Eric 

100 Cheltenham Dr. 
JACKSON, Arthur L. 

59 Appleton Ave. 
JACKSON. Hugh Kenneth 

62 Chudleigh Ave. 
JACKSON, Maunsell Bowers 

3 Killarney Rd. 

203 Kingston Rd. 
JACKSON, Wm. Hayes 

1 Hawthorne Ave. 
JAFFRAY, Wm. Gladstone 

c/o Imperial Bank, King & Bay Sts. 


JAMES, Frank 

74 Glenwood Ave. 
JAMES, Jule 

138 Lyndhurst Ave. 
JAMIESON, George Walter 

152 Coldstream Ave. 
JAMIESON, Hugh John 

172 St. Clair E. 

172 St. Clair E. 
JAMIESON, Wm. Duncan 

178 Dun vegan Rd. 
JAMIESON, Wm. Stanley 

94 Mason Blvd. 
JARVIS, Arthur Mountain 

78 Crescent Rd. 
JARVIS, G. Arthur 

177 Chaplin Cr. 
JARVIS Godfrey 

87 Lakeside Ave. 
JARVIS, Harry St. John 

43 Woodlawn Ave. E. 
JARVIS, John Brooke 

73 Dunvegan Rd. 
JARVIS, John P. 

73 Dunvegan Rd. 
JARVIS, Laurence Erskine Munson 

203 Glendonwynne Rd. 

181 St. Clement's Ave. 
JARVIS, Samuel Peters 

61 Binscarth Rd. 
JEFFERY, Grant Turner 

143 Hillsdale Ave. 
JEFFERY, John Wm. O'Flynn 

221 Glenrose Ave. 
JEFFS, Robert Douglas 

4 Glengrove Ave. W. 
JOHNSTON, Alexander Kyle 

234 Indian Rd. 
JOHNSTON, Donald Ross 

231 Kingswood Rd. 
JOHNSTON, Howard Eckardt 

106 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
JOHNSTON, Jas. Alfred Meredith 

36 Dunbar Rd. 
JOHNSTON, Robert Donaghy 

54 Madison Ave. 
JONES, Arthur Peniston 

128 Joicey Blvd. 
JONES, Hugh Brent Llewellyn 

223 Balmoral Ave. 
JONES, Jas. Gethyn 

104 Westminster Ave. 
JONES, Melville Gordon 

23 Munro Park Ave. 
JONES, Mervyn Frederick Llewellyn 

223 Balmoral Ave. 
JONES Ralph Egerton Franklin 

55 Admiral Rd. 
JONES Richard Walden 

104 Westminster Ave. 
JONES, Terence Leopold 

3008 Queen St. E. 
JORDAN, Jas. Sidney 

39 Douglas Dr. 
JORDAN, Wm. Dennis 

39 Douglas Dr. 
JOY, Alexander Primrose Grahame 

54 Prince Arthur Ave. 

JOY. Howard Primrose Grahame 

295 Glencairn Ave. 
JOYCE, Hugh Kirkpatrick 

55 Clifton Rd. 

KAHN, Fred Laddon 

128 Clifton Rd. 
KALLMEYER, Douglas Miskell 

82 The Kingsway 
KANE, Robert Simpson 

47 Playter Blvd. 

81 Dawlish Ave. 
KARRYS, Teddy 

31 St. Hilda's Ave. 
KATES, Eugene Harvey 

16 Edgar Ave. 

KEE. Chas. Alexander 
466 Russell Hill Rd. 
KEE, John Albert Clayton 

10 .Adelaide St. E. 
KEEFLER, David Ian MacDougal 

559 Spadina Rd. 
KEEFER, Norman Grant 

291 St. George St. 
KEELEY, Chas. Patrick 

311 St. Clair Ave. E. 
KEENS, John Harvey 

215 Inglewood Dr. 
KEITH, David Lumsden 

166 Alexandra Blvd. 
KEITH, Wm. L. 

64 St. Clair Ave. W. 
KELK, Austin Rutherford 

250 Warren Rd. 
KELK, Frederick Wm. 

504 Russell Hill Rd. 
KELK, Gilmour Eric 

155 Lytton Blvd. 
KELLEY, George Mortimer 

186 Hudson Dr. 
KELLY, Ernest Scott 

277 Chaplin Cr. 
KEMP, Raymond Ernest 

173 Locksley Ave. 
KENNEDY, Aledander Judd 

405 Palmerston Ave. 
KENNY, Randal Wanless Neil 

77 Hudson Dr. 
KENT, Sydney L. 

71 Forest Hill Rd. 
KENT, Sidney Louis Jr. 

71 Forest Hill Rd. 
KENYON, Boris 

28 Barfield Ave. 
KERNOHAN, Gordon Emerson 

110 St. Clair Ave. W. 
KERNOHAN, Wm. Stewart 

223 Strathallan Wood 
KERR, Roy 

393 Bayview Ave. 
KEWIN, George Edwin 

279 Russell Hill Rd. 
KIELY, John 

38 St. Andrew's Gardens 
KIELY, Wm. G. 

150 Farnham Ave. 
KILBOURN, Wm. Morley 

11 Ormsby Cr. 
KILGOUR, Alexander 

6 Lawrence Cr. 
KILGOUR, John Sheppard 

6 Lawrence Cr. 
KILNER, John Lindsey 

143 Lascelles Blvd. 
KING, Chas Mackenzie 

260 Warren Rd. 
KING, Douglas Martin 

194 Courtleigh Blvd. 
KING, Ralph Alexander 

260 Warren Rd. 
KING, Terence Arthur 

St. George Apts. 
Bloor St. and St. George 
KINGMAN, Kenneth Vernon George 

118 Lascelles Blvd. 
KINGSFORD, George Etherage 

311 Tweedsmuir Ave. 
KINGSMILL, John Gault 

235 Old Orchard Grove 
KINGSMILL, John Gault Jr. 

290 Russell Hill Rd. 
KINGSTONE, George Alexander 

24 Glengrove Ave., W. 
KINNEAR, Bruce Martin 

204 Indian Rd. 
KINNEAR, Wm. Richardson 

209 Strathallan Blvd. 
KINSMAN, Elliott 

312 Warren Rd. 
KIRBY, Bruce John 

78 Duggan Ave 
KIRKPATRICK, Arthur Jas. Ernest 

99 St. Clair Ave., W. 


KIRKPATRICK, Arthur Wm. Mulock 

534 Briar Hill Ave 

10 Mackenie Ave. 
KIRKPATRICK, Wm. Rutherford 

58 Heath St., W. 
KIRKWOOD, Arthur Lome Henry 

102 Parkhurst Blvd. 
KLOEPFER, Christian Kevin Burns 

403 Russell Hill Rd. 
KNAPP, John Brooks 

100 Highbourne Rd. 
KNIGHT Archibald 

68 St. Leonard's Ave. 
KNIGHT, Chas. Henry Patterson 

68 St. Leonard's Ave. 
KNIGHT, Roland Arthur Giron 

10 Kingsgarden Rd. 
KNIGHT, Stuart Allan 

501 Russell Hill Rd. 
KNOX, Jas. Henry Woodman 
44 Avoca Ave. 

LACE, Francis Doyne 

Fleetwood Apts., St. Clair Ave., W. 
LACKIE, Raymond Earle 

187 Havelock St. 
LAIDLAW, Robert Alexander 

35 Jackes Ave. 
LAIDLAW, Robert Gordon Nicholas 

LAIDLAW, Roderick Walter Lukin 

477 Bayview Ave. 
LAIDLAW, Walter Cameron 

65 Yonge St. 
LAMBE, Harold Roper 

11 Hillsdale Ave., E. 
LAMONT, Donald Hector Lines 

95 Oriole Gardens 
LAMONT, Wm. Cosby 

c/o Lamont & Co., Dominion Bank Bldg. 
LAMPORT, Allan Austin 

84 Harper Ave. 
LAMPORT, Arthur Wm. 

88 Lowther Ave. 
LANCEFIELD, Chas. Francis John 

370 St. Clements Ave. 
LANDER, Kenneth Newton 

707 Eglinton Ave., W. 
LANG, Arthur Gordon 

11 Millbank Ave. 
LANG, Arthur Rutherford 

11 Millbank Ave. 
LANG, Daniel Aiken 

414 Russell Hill Rd. 
LANG, John Frederick Reesor 

11 Millbank Ave. 
LANG, Vernon H. K. 

Inner Court, 33 Scott St. 
LANGLEY, Gordon 

62 Glenview Ave. 
LANGMUIR, Gavin Ince 

110 Oriole Parkway 
LANGMUIR, Wm. Mathew 

14 Glenaden Ave., W. 
LANGTON, Hugh Hornby 

24 Castle Frank Cr. 
LARGE, Frederick Stewart 

34 Oriole Gardens 
LARKIN, Harley Warner 

75 Teddington Park Ave. 
LARKIN, Lee Warner 

75 Teddington Park Ave. 
LASH, John Francis 

59 Admiral Rd. 
LASH, Zebulon Geoffrey 

69 Gormley Ave. 
LASH, Zebulon Grace 

73 Hillholme Rd. 
LAW, Frederick Henry 

177 Albertus Ave. 
LAW, Wm. Victor 

16 Glengrove Ave., E. 
LAWDER, John Paul 

McConnell Eastman & Co., 55 King St., W. 
LAWP^ Robert Waldon 

42 Glengrove Ave., W. 

LAWRENCE, Allan Russell 

22 Roxborough Dr. 
LAWRENCE, Douglas Glenholme 

22 Roxborough Dr. 
LAWRENCE, George McKenzie 

12 Robin wood Ave. 
LAWSON, Andrew M. 

31 Melrose Ave. 
LAWSON, Arthur Derwyn 

31 Melrose Ave. 
LAWSON, Hugh Rogers 

6 May St. 
LAWSON, Jas. Bolton 

498 Roselawn Ave. 
LAWSON, John Barker 

6 May St. 
LAWSON, Walter Luke 

114 Hudson Dr. 
LAWTON, Harold Belshaw 

54 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
LEA, Edgar Rundle 

36 Glengarry Ave. 
LEACH, Jas. Richardson Graham 

12 Delavan Ave. 
LEAKE, George Alwin Ray 

Old Yonge St., York Mills, Ont. 
LECKEY, Robert Griffiths 

43 Kilbarry Rd. 
LECKIE, Wm. Alexander 

77 Lawrence Cr. 
LEE, Sydney Herbert 

National Club 
LEFROY, Augustus George 

108 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
LeMESURIER, Arthur Baker 

606 Medical Arts Bldg. 
LENNOX, Oswald Elmer 

213 Poplar Plains Rd. 
LEONARD, Brinton 

21 Grosvenor St. 
LEONARD, Wm. Girvin 

488 Glengarry Ave. 
LEPPER, Wm. Euston 

49 Farnham Ave. 
LESLIE, John Alexander 

Bank of Montreal, Royal York Br. 
LESLIE, Robert Abercrombie 

c/o J. A. Leslie, Esq. 

Bank of Montreal, Royal York Br. 
LEVER, John Frederick 

36 Elderwood Dr. 
LEUTY, Wm. Donald 

317 Rosemary Rd. 
LEVINTER, Murray Allen 

1169 Bloor St., W. 
LEWIS, Chas. Adam 

36 North Sherbourne St. 
LEWIS, Keith 

13 Grenadier Heights 
LEWIS, Reginald A. 

27 Holly Ave. 
LIND, Donald Frederick 

66 Forest Hill Rd. 
LINDALA, George Jas. Constantine 

171-A Spadina Ave. 
LINDSEY, Chas. Bethune 

43 McKenzie Ave. 
LINES, Ernest Owen 

90 Garfield Ave. 
LISTER Edward Blake 

Park Lane Apts., St. Clair Ave., W. 
LISTER, Frederick Alexander 

619 Avenue Rd. 
LITTLE, Derek John Wallace 

62 St. Clair Ave., E. 
LIVINGSTON, Frederick Bennett 

517 Brookdale Ave. 

47 Parkwood Ave. 
LIVINGSTONE, Harold Wiley 

267 Lawrence Ave., E. 
LOFTUS, Albert Victor 

21 Ava Rd. 
LOGAN, Beatty Chetwode 

42 St. Ives Cr. 
LONGSTAFFE. Walter Robert 

12 Burton Rd. 


LOUDON, Wm. Jas. 

9 Woodlawn Ave., E. 
LOUGHEED, Wm. McMurray 

289 Forest Hill Rd. 
LOUNT, Homan Mulock 

39 Onole Gardens 
LOVE, Willie Garland 

11 Fairview Ave. 
LOWE, Arthur Robert Acton 

337 Millwood Rd. 
LOWNDES, Chas. Montgomery 

117 Walmer Rd. 
LOWNDES, Wm. Ferguson 

117 Walmer Rd. 
LUMBERS, Walter Glen 

31 Maple Ave. 
LUMBERS, Walter Jas. 

31 Maple Ave. 
LUNDBERG, Sten Torkelsson 

36 Strathearn Rd. 
LYALL, Edward Muntz 

15 Dinnick Cr. 
LYALL, John Hargraft 

95 Hudson Dr. 
LYON, Hugh Mortimer 

13 Gresham Rd. 
LYON, Mortimer 

240 Balmoral Ave. 
LYONDE, Louis Laurier 

8 Ladykirk Ave. 
LYTLE, Wm. F. A. 

61 Oriole Rd. 

MABEE, Oliver Band 

840 Eglinton Ave., W. 
MACAU LAY, Robert Wm. 

506 Russell Hill Rd. 
MACDONALD, Alan Alexander 

1635 Bathurst St. 
MACDONALD, Archibald Thorpe 

8 Sussex St 
MACDONALD, Bruce Ewing 

59 Heath St. E. 
MACDONALD, Duncan Graham 

1635 Bathurst St. 
MACDONALD, Edward Alexander 

209 Glengrove Ave. W. 
MACDONALD, Frederick Campbell 

45 Admiral Rd. 
MACDONALD George Gordon 
Income Tax Dept 
1 Front St. 
MACDONALD. George Melbourne 

2904 Yonge St. 
MACDONALD, Henry Blong 

176 Roxborough St. E. 
MACDONALD, Ian Telfer 

45 Admiral Rd. 
MACDONALD, John Arthur 

1635 Bathurst St. 
MACDONALD, Walter Brough 

321 Bloor St., W. 

15 Ormsby Cr. 
MACDONELL, Reginald Beverley Greenfield 

35 Prince Arthur Ave. 
MACDONNELL, Peter Logie Parkin 

114 Madison Ave. 
MACFADYEN, Arthur Jr. 

12 Glenrose Ave. 

19 Killarney Rd. 
MACHELL. Geoffrey 

314 Lonsdale Rd. 
MACHELL, Herbert Eric 

28 Elgin Ave. 
MACINTOSH, Donald Alexander 
Bridle Path 
MACINTOSH, Ian Alexander 

10 Bedford Rd. 
MACINTOSH, John Maitland 

48 Rosedale Rd. 
MACK, J. Lawrence 
50 Normandy Blvd. 
MACKAY, Donald Albert 
467 Spadina Rd. 

MACKAY, Donald Ross 

554 Atlas Ave. 
MacKAY, Keith Aylmer 

106 Health St. E. 
MACKEEN, Rupert Trevor 

128 Heath St., W. 
MACKELLAR, Strathy Ridout 

47 Madison Ave. 
MACKENZIE, Alexander Jas. 

86 Admiral Rd. 
MACKENZIE, Henry John Gordon 

113 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
MACKENZIE, Hugh Sinclair 

5 Summerhill Gardens 
MACKIE, Alexander Campbell 

290 Keewatin Ave. 
MACKIE, Thos. 

c/o Blake, Anglin, Osier & Cassels 
25 King St. W. 
MACKIE, Wm. Albert Dickson 

1295 Bayview Ave. 

76 Poplar Plains Cr. 
MACKLEM, Michael Kirkpatrick 

76 Poplar Plains Cr. 
MACLEAN, Andrew 

75 Dunvegan Rd. 
MACLEAN, Gerald Arthur 

82 Highland Ave. 
MACLEAN, Gordon Stuart 

94 Garfield Ave. 
MacLEAN, Kenneth Thos. Fraser 

94 Chatsworth Dr. 
MACLEAN, Wm. Taylor 

109 Brookdale Ave. 
MacMILLAN, Horace Goddard 

340 Russell Hill Rd. 
MacMILLAN, Keith Campbell 

115 Park Rd. 
MacMILLAN, Ross Alexander 

115 Park Rd. 
MacNAMARA, Gordon R. 

73 Glengrove Ave., W. 
MacNAMES, Paul Howard 

256 Glenrose Ave. 
MACPHERSON, Alexander Fisher 

652 Huron St. 
MACPHERSON, George Spragge 

294 Russell Hill Rd. 
MAGEE, Chas. Osmund Delamere 

22 Strathearn Rd. 
MAGEE, Jack Weedon 

19 Chestnut Park Rd. 
MAGEE, Ralph West 

MacLean-Hunter Publishing Co., 
481 University Ave. 
MAGUIRE, Herbert Alfred 

135 Hillhurst Blvd. 
MALCOLM, Douglas Rattray Vedder 

100 Ridley Blvd. 
MALCOLM, Jack Cardwell 

106 Duplex Ave. 
MALDEN, Kenneth Claude 

40 Thornhill Ave. 
MALLIN, Julius 

64 Power St. 
MALLON, Edward Henry 

1716 Dundas St., W. 
MALLON, Michael Patrick 

47 Spencer Ave. 
MALONE, Frank Talbot 

112 Highbourne Rd. 
MANN, Arthur Drummond 

41 Oriole Gardens 
MANN, Robert Karl 

30 Dunbar Rd. 
MANNING. Trevor Reginald 

217 Lonsdale Rd. 
MARA, George Edward Jr. 

227 Lytton Blvd. 
MARSHALL, Kenric Rudolph 

97 Glen Rd. 
MARSH, Wm. Hedley Claverine 

Abitibi Power & Paper Co., Ltd. 
408 University Ave. 
MARSHALL, Thos. Franklin 

9 Douglas Dr. 

MARTIN, Edward Newconie 

162 Glen Rd. 
MARTIN, Henry Jasper 

46 Elm Ave. 
MARTIN, John Edward 

99 Chatsworth Dr. 
MARTIN, John Hamliton 

107 Summerhill Ave. 
MARTIN, Paul Pennock 

79 Riverview Gardens 
MASON, Arnold Denbow Alfred 

7 Schofield Ave. 
MASON, John Kingsford Herbert 

6 Clarendon Ave. 
MASSEY, John Melville 

c/o Messrs Reed, Shaw & McNaught 
64 Wellington St., W. 
MASSEY, Walter Edward Hart 

151 Summit Dr. 
MATCHETT, Vernon Osborne 

56 St. Clair Ave., W. 
MATHESON, David Kenneth 

96 Alexander Blvd. 
MATTHEWS, Albert Bruce 

3 Clarendon Cr. 
MATTHEWS, Douglas Colton 

37 Oriole Rd. 
MATTHEWS, Lewis Roswell Hall 

122 Dawlish Ave. 
MATTHEWS, Paul Whiteside 

169 Warren Rd. 
MATTHEWS, Thos. Arnold 

37 Oriole Rd. 
MAXWELL, Paul Elmer 

5 Clarendon Ave. 
MAXWELL, Walter Bernard 

9 Wood Ave. 
MAY, Albert John Ross 

21 Rosedale Rd. 
MAY, David Ernest 
78 Rosemount Ave. 

McARTHUR, Alexander Stanley 

268 St. George St 
McCABE, Arthur Jas. 

64 Forest Hill Rd. 
McCABE, Robert Wylie 

138 Colin Ave. 
McCAUL, John Godfrey 

58 Oriole Gardens 
McCLEARY, Richard Jas. 

16 Rowanwood Ave. 
McCLELLAND, John Alexander 

2 Highbourne Rd. 
McCLENNAN, Kenneth Paisley 

60 Alexander Blvd. 
McCOLL, Robert Allan Caldwell 

321 Church St. 
McCOMB, Jas. Arthur 

16 Oakmount Rd. 
McCORD, Keith Douglas 

409 Russell Hill Rd. 

581 Spadina Ave. 
McCORMACK, Robert Victor 

69 Dawlish Ave. 
McCORMACK Wm. Edward 

69 Dawlish Ave. 
McCRAE, Allan Andrew 

c/o A. J. McCrae & Son, 185 Bay St. 
McCRIMMON, Alastair Murray 

74 Elm Ave. 
McCRIMMON, Alexander Murray 

74 Elm Ave. 
McCULLOCH, Ernest Armstrong 

60 Warren Rd. 
McCULLOCH, John Clement 

113 Dunvegan Rd. 
McCULLOCH, Robert Bancroft 

113 Dunvegan Rd. 
McCURDY. Peter Burton 
109 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
McDONAGH, George Raymond 

9 Sussex Ave. 
McDONAGH, Jas. Franklin 

45 Nanton Ave. 
McDONALD, Alfred Curtis 
7 Braemar Ave. 

McDONALD, Wm. John Kent 

304 Oriole Parkway 
McDOUGALL, Nelson Keith 

159 Dunvegan Rd. 
McDOUGALL, Wm. Graham 

254 Warren Rd. 
McDOWELL, Joseph 

73 Elwood Blvd. 
McDOWELL, Ralph Wm. 

405 Russell Hill Rd. 
McEWAN, Robert Wm. 

11 Rumsey Rd. 
McFARLAND, John Llewelyn 

235 Russell Hill Rd. 
McFARLAND, Wm. Adoue 

235 Russell Hill Rd. 
McFARLANE, John Edward 

216 Cortleigh Blvd. 
McGILLIVRAY. Neil Baird 

15 Warren Rd. 
McGILLIVRAY, Robert Percy Basil 

88 Teddington Park Ave. 
McGIVERIN, Edmund Lorimer 

246 Cottingham St. 
McGREGOR, Douglas Graham 

155 Madison Ave. 
McHUGH, Marshall Donald 

R.K.O. Distributing Centre. 277 Victoria St 
McINTOSH, Donald Alexander 

95 Dinnick Cr. 
McKAY, Alexander Gordon 

c/o E. C. Fox Esq., 119 Glen Rd. 
McKAY, Gordon Robert 

80 Farnham Ave. 
McKAY, Winfield Cleland 

407 Lytton Bvd. 
McKECHNIE, Jas. Alexander 

431 Russell Hill Rd. 
McKEE, Fraser Murray 

27 Riverview Dr. 
McKEE, Jack Guise 
125 Dunvegan Rd. 
McKEE-NORTON, John Anthony 
Claridge Apts., 
Clarendon Ave. 
McKENNEDY, Arthur Evans 

120 Alexandra Blvd. 
McKEOWN, Walter Woods 
c/o Arnold! , Parry & Campbell 
80 King St. W. 
McKERLIE, Jas Henry Jardine 

54 Rowanwood Ave. 
McKINLAY, Wm. Waldemar 
Parliament Bldgs. 
Amusement Tax Br. 
McLAREN, David Kenneth 

120 Armour Blvd. 
McLAUGHLIN, David Gordon 
124 Highbourne Rd. 

Mclaughlin, Gordon 

124 Highbourne Rd. 
McLAUGHLIN, Jas. Fraser 

57 Braeside Rd. 

372 Bay St. 
McLAUGHLIN, Robert Neill 

21 Valley View 
McLEOD, Glen 

30 Riverview Dr. 
McLEOD, Norman Bruce 

255 Warren Rd. 
McLEOD, Norman Chas. 

27 Highland Ave. 
McMECHAN, Wilfred Jas. 

27 Jackman Ave. 
McMICHAEL, Albert Forester 

89 Ellsworth Ave. 
McMICHAEL, John Anislie 

108 Glencairn Ave. 
McMILLAN, Donald Alexander 

229 Evelyn Ave. 
McMILLAN, Norman McLeod 

229 Evelyn Ave. 
McMURRICH, Arthur Redpath 

169 Balmoral Ave. 
McMURRICH, G. Donald 

58 Lympstone Ave. 


McMURRICH. Norman Hay 

169 Balmoral Ave. 
McMURRICH, Robert George 

159 Glenrose Ave. 
McNAIR, Thos. Kennedy Jr. 

173 Warren Rd. 
McNAIR, Wm. Alexander 

39 Heath St., W. 
McNAUGHT, Kenneth Wm. Kirkpatrick 

103 Blythwood Rd. 
McNEILLIE, George Gardiner 

11 Montclair Ave. 
McNEILLIE, Jas. Richardson 

11 Montclair Ave. 
McNEILLIE, Wm. Raymond 

70 Dale Ave. 
McPHEDRAN, Alexander Jr. 

18 Douglas Dr. 
McPHEDRAN, Wm. Fletcher 

15 Bernard Ave. 
McQUIGGE, Donald Edmund 

18 Doncliffe Dr. 
McQUIGG, Henry Park 

11 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
McRAE, Douglas George Wallis 

44 Rosehill Ave. 
McTAGUE, Wm. Chas. 

2 Clarendon Ave. 
McWILLIAMS, David Ireland 

100 Oriole Parkway 
McWILLIAMS, Jas. Douglas 

27 Dale Ave. 

71 Hudson Dr. 
MEDLAND, Michael Ross 

212 Glenview Ave. 
MEDLAND, Richard Dillon 

63 Parkwood Ave. 
MEDLAND, Ross Irvin Reed 

173 Rose Park Dr. 
MEECH, Chas. Arthur 

20 Cornish Rd. 
MEEK, Benjamin Edward 

297 Inglewood Dr. 
MEEK, Edward Jas. 

137 Albany Ave. 
MEEK, George Albert 

137 Albany Ave. 
MEEK, Maurice Halden 

64 St. Clair Ave., W. 
MEGGESON, John Robert 

267 Glen Manor Dr. 
MELVILLE, John David 

16 Glenhurst 
MENDEL, Gerald Albert 

98 Bedford Rd. 
MEREDITH, Arthur Robson 

88 Teddington Park Blvd. 
MEREDITH, Edmund Allen 

31 Dunloe Rd. 
MEREDITH, Jack Mclndoe 

697 Eglinton Ave., W. 
MEREDITH, Michael 

31 Dunloe Rd. 
MERNER, John Ford 

262 Roxborough St., E. 
MEYERS, Donald C. 

72 Heath St., W. 
MILLER, Andrew Hamilton 

175 Briar Hill Ave. 
MILLER, Earl Gavin 

94 Whitmore Ave. 
MILLER, Gordon Mackay 

22 Rose Park Dr. 
MILLER, S. Dickson 

516 Glengrove Ave.. W. 
MILLMAN, Ormond Butler 

Barrett Seguin & Co., 330 Bay St. 
MILLS, Adam Francis Hirst Jr. 

1331 Avenue Rd. 
MILLS, David Stuart 

41-A Oriole Rd. 
MILLS, George Gordon 

717 Eglinton Ave., W. 
MILLS, Guy Worrall 

135 Old Orchard Grove 
MILLS, Irwin 

303 Lonsdale Rd. 

MILLS, John Lesslie 

104 Glen Rd. 
MILLS, John Patrick Stuart 

5 Austin Terrace 
MILLS, Timothy Stuart 

11 Thornwood Rd. 
MILNE, John Murray 

428 Lake Front 
MILNER, Chas. Wm. David 

11 Castle Frank Dr. 
MILNES, John Herbert 

22 Deer Park Cr. 
MILSOM, John McNab 

479 Glen Park Ave. 
MILTON, Edwin Arthur 

44 Berwick Ave. 
MITCHELL, Crichton M. 

12 Withrow Ave. 
MITCHELL, George Murray 

123 Braemar Ave. 

159 The Kingsway 
MITCHELL, John Frederick 

136 Dunvegan Rd. 
MITCHELL, Wm. Howard 

6 Douglas Dr. 
MOES, Chas. Frederic 

73 Oriole Rd. 
MONTGOMERY, Robert Alexander 

Temple Bldg. 
MOORE, Alfred Duncan 

17 Roxborough Dr. 
MOORE, Allan Whitley 

20 Forest Glen Cr. 
MOORE, Francis Wilfred Mavor 

2600 Bathurst St. 
MOORE, Howard Garth Franklin 

374 Lawrence Ave., W. 
MOORE, Terence McNally 

5 Glen Willow Place 
MORDEN, Wilson Dorland Samuel 

81 Highland Ave. 
MORGAN, Thos. Saunders 

302 Oriole Parkway 

79 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
MORINE, Alfred Nevill 

114 Hudson Dr. 
MORINE, Peter Stanley Jas. 

320 Avenue Rd. 
MORRIS, Chas. Ayres 

20 Vesta Dr. 
MORRIS, Chas. Massey 

20 Vesta Dr. 
MORRIS, Wm. Murney 

17 Gormley Ave. 
MORRISON, Bertram Clifford 

2 Clarendon Ave. 

2 Clarendon Ave. 
MORROW, Graham G. 

137 Warren Rd. 
MORTIMER, Chas. Stewart Macivor 

19 Parkwood Ave. 
MORTON, Terence Foster 

21 Hawthorne Ave. 

MOSS, Glenholme Falconbridge 

106 Bernard Ave. 
MOSS, Thos. 

80 Crescent Rd. 
MOYSEY, Malcolm A. J. 

41 Elderwood Dr. 
MUIR, Jas. Gemmell 

191 Ellis Ave. 
MULHOLLAND. Donald Begerow 

48 Lympstone Ave. 
MULHOLLAND, Wallace Harrington 

38 Lawrence Cr. 
MULOCK, Thos. Homan 

8 Cluny Dr. 
MULOCK, Wm. Johnston 

8 Cluny Dr. 
MULOCK, Wm. Pate 

8 Cluny Dr. 
MULOUEEN, Frederick Jas. 

7 Walmer Rd. N. 
MULQUEEN, Jas. Timber Duke 

7 Walmer Rd., N. 


MUNRO, George Everest 

I St. Ives Ave. 
MUNRO, Henry Sibbald 

317 Laird Dr., N. 
MURDOCH, James Young Jr. 

30 South Dr. 

30 South Dr. 
MURPHY, Martin P. 

55 Harper Ave. 
MURRAY, Parkyn Ian 

II Old Mill Terrace 
MUSGRAVE, Douglas Roberts 

73 Dunvegan Rd. 
MUSSEN, Thos. Chas. 

251 Queen St., E. 
MYLES, Frederick Percival 

Toronto General Trust, 253 Bay St. 
MYLES, John Gordon 

19 Cortleigh Blvd. 

NEELANDS, Donald Grant 

19 Douglas Cr. 
NEELANDS, Robert Ernest 

40 Warren Rd. 
NEILD, Gordon Vernon 

c/o Mrs. Kitchen, 225 Forest Hill Rd. 
NEILSON, Hugh Hamilton 

318 Lawrence Ave., W. 
NEILSON, Lome Morrison 

87 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
NELSON, Robert Selby 

179 Lyndhurst Ave. 
NESBITT, Wallace Rankine 

205 Warren Rd. 
NEUMAN, Peter Chas. 

87 Indian Grove 
NEW, Ryland Herbert 

National Sewer Pipe Co. Ltd., 320 Bay St. 
NEWKIRK, Bryan Winslow 

49 St. Clair Ave., W. 
NIBLOCK, John Newsome 

73 Joicey Blvd. 
NICHOLLS, Frederick Irving 

40 Hillhurst Blvd. 
NICHTAWITZ, Theodore P. 

St. Michael's College, House 63 
NORDHEIMER, Gerald Albert 

114 Heath St., W. 
NORDHEIMER, Peter Gillespie 

87 Prince Arthur Ave. 
NORMAN, Jeffrey Alan 

26 Heath St., E. 
NORTHCOTE, Reginald Stafford 

93 Elm Ave. 
NORTHEY, Clarence F. 

208 Richview Ave. 
NORTHEY, Edwin John 

20 Hudson Dr. 
NORTHEY, Jas. Alexander Jr. 

108 St. Leonard's Ave. 
NORTHWAY, John Hayward 

2 Alexandra Wood 
NORTON, Norval Close 

92 Madison Ave. 
NUTTER, Barclay Goodhue 

155 Rosedale Heights Dr. 


16 Humber Blvd. 
O'BRIAN, Liam Sterne 

283 Roxborough St., E. 
O'BRIEN, Murrough 

23 Birdsall Ave. 
OGILVIE, Alexander Archibald 

58 Belhaven Rd. 
O'GRADY, John Waller de Courcy 

195 Douglas Dr. 
O'HARA, Wm. Seymour 

187 Douglas Dr. 
OLDS, Martin Hanford 

110 St. Clair Ave., W. 
OLDS, Stoughton Mermin 

110 St. Clair Ave., W. 
OMAND, Jas. Niven 

93 Glenrose Ave. 

95 Lonsdale Rd. 

O'REILLY, Brefney Rolph 

6 Lynwood Ave. 

11 Rosemary Lane 
O'REILLY Jas. Meredith P. 

1 1 Rosemary Lane 
ORMSBY. Anthony John 

206 Balmoral Ave. 
ORMSBY, Gerald Yeadon 

206 Balmoral Ave. 
ORR, George McCraney 

506 Glengarry Ave. 
ORR, George Meredith 

9 Alexandra Wood 
ORR, John Alexander 

169 Old Orchard Grove 
ORR Joseph Meredith 

9 Alexandra Wood 
OSBORNE, Donald Bruce 

108 Dunvegan Rd. 

108 Dunvegan Rd. 
OSBORNE, John Dunlop 

158 Keewatin Ave. 
OSBORNE, Michael Bryson 

108 Dunvegan Rd. 
OWEN. Ivon Maclean 

49 Wychwood Park 
OWEN, Trevor Maclean 

379 Madison Ave. 
OWENS, Chandler Scott 

295 Oriole Parkway 
OXLEY, Loren Arthur 

12 Foxbar Rd. 
OXLEY, Wm. Morrow 

555 Russell Hill Rd. 

PACK, Cuthbert Arthur 

23 Glencairn Ave. 
PACK, Robert Wm. 

23 Glencairn Ave. 
PAGET, Ralph Mervyn 

9 Pine Cr. 
PALM, Wm. H. 

762 Spadina Rd. 
PALMER, Ernest Edward 

239 Warren Rd. 
PALMER, Jas. Bruce 

81 Highland Cr. 
PALMER, Wm. Jackson 

213 Dunvegan Rd. 

124 Walmer Rd. 
PANKHURST, Gerald Alfred 

Glenview Terraces, 2904 Yonge St. 
PARK, Peter Stuart 

9 Elderwood Dr. 
PARKER, Douglas Gothrold Richardson 

210 Bloor St., W. 
PARKER, Gordon Bailey 

310 Inglewood Dr. 
PARKER, Robert Gordon Matthew 

62 Highland Ave. 
PARKER, Stuart Peebles 

435 Parkside Dr. 
PARKER, Thos. Deane 

350 St. Clair Ave., W. 
PARKER, Wm. George 

22 Sharron Dr. 
PARKINSON, Thos. Matthew 

1 Lawrence Cr. 
PARKS, Arthur Ewart 

84 Poplar Plains Cr. 
PARRY, Glynden Owen 

59 Mt. Pleasant Rd. 
PARRY, Wilfred Tennant 

184 Dunvegan Rd. 
PARRY, Wilfred Wright 

184 Dunvegan Rd. 

6 Oriole Rd. 
PARSONS, Harold George Campbell 

6 Oriole Rd. 
PARTRIDGE, Hugh Knight 

84 Blantyre Ave. 
PATE, Wilfred Stewart 

299 Glencairn Ave. 


PATERSON, Stuart Falconer 

16 Edmund Ave. 
PATON, Edward John 

89 Castle Knock Rd. 
PATON, John Shedden 

89 Castle Knock Rd. 
PATON, Robert Currie 

89 Casde Knock Rd. 
PATON, Robert Gooderham 

148 Parkhurst Blvd. 
PATTEN, David Chapman 

82 Glengowan Rd. 
PATTERSON, John Edgar 

1236 Avenue Rd. 

50 Poplar Plains Rd. 
PATTERSON, Vladimer Chas-. 

104 Glengowan Rd. 
PATTISON, Apple ton Jones 

215 Glen Rd. 
PATTISON, Richard Holtby 

215 Glen Rd. 
PATTON, Peter Thos. 

104 Chatsworth Dr. 
PAUL, Ernest 

100 Vaughan Rd. 
PAYNE, John Webber 

Messrs Payne & Bissett, 76 Richmond St., W. 
PEACOCK, Edward 

16 Lytton Blvd. 
PEACOCK, Wm. Hubert 

51 Inglewood Dr. 
PEARSON, Chas. Gordon 

311 Russell Hill Rd. 
PEARSON, John Grant Lundy 

311 Russell Hill Rd. 
PELLATT, Reginald 

328 Walmer Rd. 
PEMBERTON, Hugh Leigh Tudor 

150 Walmer Rd. 
PEMBERTON, John Tudor 

420 Castlefield Rd. 
PENBERTHY, John Francis 

124 Grenadier Rd. 
PENFOUND, Alfred Edmund 

42 Halford Ave. 
PENGELLEY, Phillip Tremaine 

56 Broadway Ave. 
PEPALL, Robert LeRoy 

29 Wilberton Rd. 
PEPPALL, David Richard 

124 Heath St., W. 
PERRY, George Harold 

183 Glenrose Ave. 
PERRY, Thos. Meade 

306 Vesta Dr. 
PETHICK, Howard O. 

28 Carey Rd. 
PETLEY, Rae Ewart 

7 Broadway Ave. 
PETMAN, Robert Osmond 

25 Oriole Gardens 
PHELAN, Roderick Gerrard 

73 Lynwood Ave. 
PHIBBS, George Owen Gibson 

30 Edgar Ave. 
PHILLIPS, Arthur A. 

c/o McBain & Phillips, 62 Richmond St., W. 
PHILLIPS, Howard Arnold 

869 Avenue Rd. 
PHIPPEN, Gordon Frank 

239 Russell Hill Rd. 
PHIPPEN, John Hubert 

217 Bay St. 
PINKHAM, Esmond Vernon 

69 Chaplin Cr. 
PIPE, Gordon Frederick 

554 Castlefield Ave. 
PIPON, Chas. Arthur 

159 Admiral Rd. 
PIPON, Philip Rutherford 

159 Admiral Rd. 
PITNEY, Samuel George 

11 Ancroft Place 
PLATT, Samuel Alan 

78 Melrose Ave. 
PLUMMER, John Orme 

1977 Queen St., E. 

PLUMPTRE, Arthur Fitzwalter Wynne 

"Saturday Night", 73 Richmond St., W. 
POLLOCK. John Donald MacKenzie 

1610 Bathurst St. 
POLLOCK, Joseph Oscar 

297 Rushton Rd. 
POLSON, Norman Smith 

39. Sussex Ave. 
POOLE, Leonard Oliver 

207 Millwood Rd. 
POOLE, Robert Foster 

c/o Moore Corp. Ltd., 330 University Ave. 
POPHAM, Robert Earle 

44 Dale Ave. 
PORTER, Dana George Channel 

10 Pinehill Rd. 
PORTER, Frederick Ferguson 

553 Broadway Ave. 
PORTER, Harry Ernest 

21 Oriole Gardens 
PORTER, Hugh Chas. 

69 Duplex Ave. 
PORTER, John Donald 

69 Duplex Ave. 
PORTER, John McGee 

70 Sutherland Dr. 
POSLUNS, Avrum Isaac 

268 Lytton Blvd. 
POTE, Wm. Horace Savery 

54 Glen Rd. 
POUPORE, John Dean 

48 Poplar Plains Cr. 
POUPORE, Robert Dean 

230 Russell Hill Rd. 
POWELL, Fred Yates 

59 Russell Hill Rd. 
POWELL, George Ronald 

448 Prince Edward Dr. 

c/o Imperial Life, Victoria St. 
PRATT, Henry Paul 

47 Glengowan Rd. 
PRATT, Jas. Gordon 

459 Lytton Blvd. 
PRENTICE, Joseph Ross Allan 

206 Glencairn Ave. 
PRENTISS, Ian Maxwell 

48 Kingsway Cr. 
PRESTON, George Thomson 

87 Floyd Ave. 
PRICE, George Howard 

6 Ridout St. 
PRINGLE, Donald McKinnon 

8 Ava Rd. 
PRINGLE, Geoffrey Ian 

8 Ava Rd. 
PRITCHARD, Emmett Thurlow 

154 Riverside Dr. 
PRITCHARD, Sigmund Ambrose 

35 St. Edmund's Dr. 
PROCTOR, Edward D'Arcy 

317 Heath St., E. 
PROCTOR, Jas. Ernest 

6 Roxborough St., E. 
PROWSEj Edward Curzon 

31 Davisville Ave. 
PURKIS, Tom Thornton 

164 St. Leonard's Ave. 
PURSER, Guy Morton 

152 Glenview Ave. 
RADCLIFF, Chas. Campbell 

107 Hudson Dr. 
RAE, Wm. 

310 Brunswick Ave. 
RALFE, Robert Devereaux 

60 Lympstone Ave. 
RALPH, Bruce Malcolm 

80 Raglan Ave. 
RALPH, Robert Edmund 

80 Raglan Ave. 
RAMSAY, Alexander Meredith 

56 Hillholme Ave. 
RAMSAY, John Neville 

396 Avenue Rd. 
RAMSAY, Kenneth Gordon 

232 Poplar Plains 
RAMSAY, Robert Haig 

396 Avenue Rd. 


RANDALL, Jas. Warren 

158 Hillhurst Blvd. 
RANNIE, Robert John 

725 Eglinton Ave.. W. 

123 South Dr. 
RATHBUN, John Campbell 

347 Lawrence Ave., W. 
RATHGEB, Chas. Irwin 

143 Joicey Ave. 
RATHMAN, Wm. Fitzgerald Langworthy 

126 Chaplin Cr. 
RAVIZZA, Chas. Alexander 

106 Erskin Ave. 
RAWLINGS Howard Stanley 

27 Grenadier Heights 

493 Oriole Parkway 
RAYFIELD, Richard Neville 

93 Glendora Ave., Lansing Ont. 
READ, Rodney Matthews 

174 Forest Hill Rd. 
REBURN, C. Dudley 

110 St. Clair Ave., W. 
REBURN, Stewart Daggie 

212 Forest Hill Rd. 
REDWAY, Victor Horace 

501 Broadview Ave. 
REEVE, Mervyn C. 

580 Melrose Ave. 
REID, Donald Arthur Jr. 

37 Glenview Ave. 
REID, George Butt 

87 Pembroke St. 
REID, George Thos. Jr. 

859 Millwood Rd. 
REID, John Alexander 

22 Cornish Rd. 
REID, John Marshall 

173 Balmoral Ave. 
REID, Marshall 

192 Inglewood Dr. 
RENISON, George Everett 

9 Belle Ayre Blvd. 
RENISON, Robert John Bristol 

Pall Mall Apts., 3110 Yonge St. 
RICHARDS, John Alan 

112 Cowan Ave. 
RICHARDSON, Frederic Robert 

88 McRae Dr. 
RICHARDSON, Wesley Leeds 

197 Forest HU1 Rd. 
RIDDELL, Andrew Rutherford 

143 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
RIDDELL, Gordon George 

c/o Miss C. K. Clark, 148 Bloor St., W. 
RIDDELL, Matthew Kent 

143 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
RIDLER, Arthur Addison 

20 Browside Ave. 
RIDOUT, Donald Allen 

70 Oriole Rd. 
RIDOUT, Donald Campbell 

70 Balsam Ave. 
RIDOUT, Douglas Kay 

70 Oriole Rd. 
RIDOUT, George Lawton 

44 Oriole Gardens 
RIDOUT, Godfrey 

31 Sussex Ave. 
RIDOUT, Howard Edgar 

64 Rathnally Ave. 
RIDOUT, Norman 

146 Wanless Ave. 
RIORDAN, Bruce Thorburn 

1 Roxborough St., E. 
RISDON, John Lawrence Bosworth 

60 Chestnut Park Rd. 
RITCHIE, George Frederick 

687 Oriole Parkway 
ROADHOUSE Robert Cyril 

70 Inglewood Dr. 
ROBBINS, Maurice Arthur Jr. 

110 Park Rd. 
ROBERTS, Archibald Kelso 

43 Elderwood Dr. 
ROBERTS, Harold Albert 
52 Heath St., E. 

ROBERTS, James Gordon 

52 Heath St., E. 
ROBERTS, John C. S. 

15 Killarney Rd. 
ROBERTS, Richard Hugh 

72 St. Mary's St. 
ROBERTSON, Alexander Watson Baird 

257 Joicey Ave. 
ROBERTSON, Chas. Arthur 

2 May Sq. 
ROBERTSON, Donald Allan 

2867 Yonge St. 
ROBERTSON, Donald Chas. 

3 Lamport Ave. 
ROBERTSON, Douglas Sinclair 

5 Duggan Ave. 
ROBERTSON, Gilbert Hugh 

57 Hillholme Rd. 
ROBERTSON, Jas. Parks 

44 Lascelles Blvd. 
ROBERTSON, John Farley 

53 Castle Frank Rd. 
ROBERTSON, John Keefer Bissland 

3 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
ROBERTSON. Struan Fleming 

220 Glen Rd. 
ROBINSON, Douglas Ernest 

147 Warren Rd. 
ROBINSON, J. Beverley Jr. 

3 Strathearn Rd. 
ROBINSON, Marshall Peter 

205 Cortleigh Blvd. 
ROBINSON, Martin Jas. 

256 Dawlish Ave. 
ROBINSON, Weymouth Hugh Beverley 

3 Strathearn Rd. 
ROBSON, Chas. John 

3 Claxton Blvd. 
ROCHE, Thos. Joseph 

832 Ossington Ave. 
ROCKWELL, Marshall Lyon 

734 Avenue Rd. 
ROGER, Robert Alan Joseph 

170 Strathearn Rd. 
ROGERS, Alan Forbes 

1 Cheritan Ave. 
ROGERS, Alfred S. 

Bayview Ave. 
ROGERS, Chas. Brown 

49 St. Clair Ave., W. 
ROGERS, Guy Warwick 

233 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
ROGERS, Henry Albert 

27 Berney Cr. 
ROGERS, John McKeggie 

297 Roxborough St., E. 
ROGERS, Norman MacLeod 

53 Glengowan Rd. 
ROGERS. Stephen Jas. 

99 Poplar Plains Rd. 
ROGERS, Thos. Edward 

422 Glencairn Ave. 
ROGERSON, Wm. Russell 

211 Old Orchard Grove 
ROLPH, Norman Joseph 

238 St. Clement's Ave. 
ROOME, John Frederick 

46 Leadale Ave. 

120 Rosedale Heights Dr. 

112 Douglas Dr. 

324 Russell Hill Rd. 
ROSS, Arthur Dwight 

92 6olfdale Rd. 
ROSS, Colin Sewell 

114 Colin Ave. 
ROSS, David Clark 

225 St. George St. 
ROSS, David Waters Jr. 

Ill Blythwood Rd. 
ROSS, Dean Sewell 

133 Dunvegan Rd. 
ROSS, Donald m „. „ .„ 

c/o Wood Gundy & Co., Ltd., 36 King St.,W. 
ROSS, Douglas Christie 

3 Rose Park Cr. 


ROSS, Douglas Gooderham 

225 St. George St. 
ROSS, Douglas Leith 

c/o J. L. Ross Esq., 1609 Star Bldg. 
ROSS, George Wm. 

79 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
ROSS, Jas. Leith 

120 Lascelles Blvd. 
ROSS, Jas. Wells 

133 Dunvegan Rd. 
ROSS, John 

137 Isabella St. 
ROSS, John Lawrence Sewell 

263 St. Clement's Ave. 
ROSS, John Lincoln 

101 Lawton Blvd. 

168 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
ROTHSCHILD, David Cedric 

19 Glencedar Rd. 
ROUTLEY, Eric Francis 

17 Heathdale Rd. 
ROYCE, Jas. Frederick Henry 

602 Avenue Rd. 
RUDD, Wm. Warren 

87 St. Clair Ave., W. 
RUSH, Sterling Crawford 

2 Clarendon Ave. 
RUSZNYAK, Geza Robert 

The Eclipse Whitewear Co., King & John Sts. 
RUTHERFORD, David Edward 

79 Joicey Blvd. 
RUTHERFORD, Frank Rayden 

191 Strathearn Rd. 
RUTTLE, John Ross 

366 Greer Rd. 
RYERSON, Arthur Connaught 

c/o Mitchell & Ryerson, 90 Adelaide St., E. 
RYERSON, Donald Egerton 

520 Palmerston Blvd. 
RYERSON, Edward Stanley 

14 Delisle Ave. 
RYERSON, Eric Egerton 

22 Oriole Gardens 
RYERSON, Stanley Brehaut Egerton 

14 Delisle Ave. 
RYERSON, Yoris Sterling 

54 Oriole Gardens 
SABA, Tom Chas. 

39 Oriole Rd. 
SAER, Edward Harold 

21 Avenue Rd. 
SAER, John Benjamin 

21 Avenue Rd. 
SAINSBURY, Arthur Van 

106 Lytton Blvd. 
SAMPSON, Crawford Lindsell 

111 Heath St., W. 
SAMUEL, Morton 

1669 Bathurst St. 
SAMUEL, Simeon 

51 Isleworth Ave. 
SAMUELS, Irving 

4 Walmer Rd. 

85 Chatsworth Dr. 
SANDS, David Alex 

102 Cheltenham Ave. 
SANDWELL, Bernard George Danton 

74 St. Leonard's Cr. 
SANDWELL Bernard Keble 

41 Spadina Rd. 
SAUNDERS. Dyce Chalmers 

63 Lonsdale Rd. 
SAUNDERS, Robert Porteous 

c/o C. A. Morris, Esq., 20 Vesta Dr. 
SCANDRETT, Wm. Leonard 

42 St. Andrews Gardens 
SCARLETT, Gordon Hartley 

336 Cortleigh Blvd. 
SCARLETT, Robert Hunter 

106 Garfield Ave. 
SCHEAK, Harrison Martin Francis 

75 Rosedale Heights Dr. 

132 Rosedale Valley Dr. 
SCHWENGER, Chas. Henry 
286 Oriole Parkway 


286 Oriole Parkway 
SCOTT, Douglas Hodgson 

53 Oriole Gardens 
SCOTT, Eric Duff 

255 Oriole Parkway 
SCOTT, Frederick W. 

2 Regal Rd. 
SCOTT, Henry Arthur Duke 

89 Breadalbane St 
SCOTT, Henry Coleman 

85 Hulhurst Blvd. 
SCOTT, Jas. Turner 

104 Bernard Ave. 
SCOTT, John Frederick 

277 Lawrence Ave., E. 
SCOTT, Leitch 

122 Ronscesvalles Ave. 
SCOTT, Peter David 

39 Oriole Parkway 
SCOTT, Robert Bruce 

44 Heath St., E. 
SECRETAN, Frank Herbert 

45 Richmond St.. W. 
SEFTON, Verner Blaikey 

393 Glencairn Ave. 
SEGSWORTH, John David 

117 Glen Rd. 
SELBY, Benjamin Fraser 

105 Madison Ave. 
SERSON, John Jas. Rowntree 

359 Parkside Dr. 
SHADBOLT, Chas. David 

216 Stibbard Ave. 
SHAW, Gibson Pierpont 

38 Summerhill Gardens 
SHAW, Wm. Samuel Gordon 

293 Oriole Parkway 
SHEA, George Nelson 

7 Garfield Ave. 
SHEARD, John Henry 

14 Summerhill Ave. 
SHEARD, Joseph Louis 

58 Ridge Dr. 
SHEARD, Robert Henry 

14 Summerhill Ave. 
SHEARD Terence 

57 Highland Ave. 
SHEARD. Terence Gordon 

57 Highland Ave. 
SHELLY, Leon Curtis 

The Shelly Films Ltd., 91 Yonge St. 
SHELLY, Wm. Burton 

207 Glen Rd. 

c/o Mrs. McWhinney, 62 Oriole Gardens 
SHENSTONE, Norman Strahan Jr. 

174 Dunvegan Rd. 
SHEPHERD, Ian Watson 

63 Warren Rd. 
SHIELDS, John Oatman 

84 Pleasant Blvd. 
SHIER, Crawford Beatty 

197 Blythwood Rd. 
SHIRRIFF, Colin Edward 

33 Hudson Dr. 
SHIRRIFF, John Francis 

10 Glen Avon Rd. 

26 Strathearn Rd. 
SHIRRIFF, Wm. David 

26 Strathearn Rd. 
SHOULDICE, Earle Byrnes 

44 Elderwood Dr. 
SHURLY, Flint Gilhelm 

c/o Imeprial Life Assce. Co. of Canada, 
20 Victoria St 
SIEVERT, Louis Frederick 

432 Bay St. 
SIME, Cecil Watson 

31 Vesta Dr. 
SIMMONDS, Ian Gilbert 

781 St. Clair Ave., W. 
SIMPSON, Donald Hogarth 

103 Heath St., E. 
SIMPSON, Jas. Stanley 

70 Rose Park Dr. 


SIMPSON, John Alexander 

135 St. Clair Ave., W. 
SIMPSON, Joseph Benjamin 

40 Avoca Ave. 
SIMPSON, Norman MacDougall 

244 Dunvegan Rd. 
SIMPSON, Peter Lewis 

261 Cortleigh Blvd. 
SIMPSON Robert Bethune Lindsay 

11 St. Leonard's Ave. 
SIMS, Owen Anthony Haig 

45 Cuthbert Cr. 
SINCLAIR, Angus Wm. Roe 

4 Edmund Gate 
SINCLAIR, Dalton Lally 

127 Walker Ave. 
SINCLAIR, Douglas Grant 

294 Inglewood Dr. 
SINCLAIR, Eldon McCuaig 

25 Vesta Dr. 
SINCLAIR, Ian Macintosh R. 

127 Walker Ave. 
SINGER, Burrell Milton 

216 Glenayr Rd. 
SINGER, John Marshall 

26 St. Clair Ave., E. 
SINGER, Ralph Mortimer 

2928 Yonge St. 
SINGER, Robert Paul 

42 Dinnick Cr. 
SKAITH, Alan Logan 

9 Ormsby Cr. 
SKAITH, John Bright 

Skaith & Co. Ltd., Royal Bank Bldg. 
SLAGHT, Dennis 

51 Russell Hill Rd. 
SLIMON, C. Beresford M. 

47 Elm Avenue 
SLOAN, Frank 

15 Parkwood Ave. 
SMALLACOMBE, Gordon Wilson 

8 Old Park Rd. 
SMART, David Worts 

48 Chestnut Park Rd. 
SMART, John Lennox 

48 Chestnut Park Rd. 
SMEATON, Donald Alexander 

212 Eglinton Ave., E. 
SMITH, Andrew 

95 Ridge Dr. 
SMITH, Clayton Karn Drew 

77 Strathallan Blvd. 
SMITH, Clifford Sparling 

90 Clendenan Ave. 

SMITH. Douglas Chadwick McDonald 

9 DeSavery Cr. 
SMITH, Geoffrey Willock 

42 Baby Point Cr. 
SMITH, Gerald Kam Drew 

25 Dunbar Rd. 
SMITH, Goldwin Larrett 

19 Forest Hill Rd. 
SMITH, H. Bruce 

2655 Bloor St., W. 
SMITH, Heber Rintoul 

91 Walker Ave. 

SMITH. Hugh Henderson Grayson 

6 Oaklands Ave. 
SMITH, Isadore 

23 Ava Rd. 
SMITH, Jas. Allan 

39 Walmer Rd., N. 
SMITH, Jas. Edward Assheton 

18 Elm Ave. 
SMITH, Jas. Lewis 

15 Nesbitt Dr. 
SMITH, John Francis 

c/o Crown Trust & Guarantee Co. 
302 Bay St. 
SMITH, Lennox Ingall 

45 Lonsdale Rd. 
SMITH, Michael Larratt 

110 Dunvegan Rd. 
SMITH Ramsay Gibson 

31 Whitney Ave. 
SMITH, Ronald Chas. 

15 Kingsmill Rd. 

SMITH, Shirley Karn Drew 

77 Strathallan Blvd. 
SMITH, Sydney 

26 Glen Elm Ave. 
SMYTHE, Conn, 

68 Baby Point Rd. 
SMYTHE, Conn Stafford 

55 East Drive 
SMYTHE, Hugh Arthur 

68 Baby Point Rd. 
SNELL, Herbert 

437 Walmer Rd. 
SOANES, Sidney Vincent 

64 Airdrie Rd. 
SOMERVILLE, George Warwick 

132 Balmoral Ave. 

256 Warren Rd. 
SOPER, Gordon Mclntyre 

427 Walmer Rd. 
SORLEY, Ronald Macgregor 

152 Briar Hill Ave. 
SOUTHAM, Kenneth Gordon 

423 Russell Hill Rd. 
SOWDON Chas. Maynard 

49 Oriole Gardens 
SPARLING, Frederick Blachford 

150 Highbourne Rd. 
SPARLING, Walter Belton 

40 Foxbar Rd. 
SPARROW, Wm. Hutchison 

125 Lytton Blvd. 
SPAULDING, Thos. Harrison 

4 Elm Ave. 
SPEAKMAN, John Staton 

35 Strathearn Blvd. 

35 Strathearn Blvd. 
SPENCE, Wm. Walter 

12 Buckingham Ave. 
SPENCER, John Fife 

139 Castlefield Ave. 
SPENCER, Stephen F. John 

149 Rose Park Dr. 
SPRAGGE, Godfrey Lancelot 

84 Gormley Ave. 
SPRAGUE, Donald Innis 

11 Doncliffe Dr. 
SPRATT, Robert Wm. 

16 Esgore Dr. 
SPRINGER, Robert John 

4 Robinwood Ave. 
SPROATT, Chas. Beverley Lawrence 

279 Blythwood Rd. 
SPROTT, Robert Barry 

167 Glen Rd. 
STAAL, Ralph Axel 

114 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
STANLEY, David Christopher Hall 

625 Avenue Rd. 
STANLEY, Jas. Perham 

625 Avenue Rd. 
STANYON, Chas. H. 

19 Prust Ave. 
STARK, Chas. Tapscott 

108 Park Rd. 

428 Russell Hill Rd. 
STATTEN, Tavlor Jr. 

428 Russell Hill Rd. 
STAUNTON, Egmund Gifford 

939 Eglinton Ave., E. 
STAUNTON, Stewart 

93 Roxborough St. E. 
STAUNTON, Thos. Alan 

153 Hammersmith Ave. 
STAUNTON, Victor Chas 

82 Hudson Dr. 
STEELE. Bruce Clarke 

10 Millbank Ave. 
STEELE, Clarke Wilson 

29 Gormley Ave. 
STEELE, Donald Robert 

23 Elderwood Dr. 
STEELE, John Lloyd 

38 Bocastle Ave. 
STEELE. John Spalding 

22 Grenville St. 


STEELE, Robert Clarke 

270 Douglas Dr. 

33 Sigh thill Ave. 

33 Sighthill Ave. 
STEVENS, Paul Laval 

145 Wellington St., W. 
STEVENS, Robert Wm. 

555 Russell Hill Rd. 
STEVENSON, John David 

86 Hillhurst Blvd. 
STEWART, Douglas Bruce 

164 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
STEWART, Jas. Fleming 

300 Roncesvalles Ave. 
STEWART, Joseph Francis 

10 Jordan St. 
STEWART, J. Frank 

292 Laird Dr., N. 
STEWART, John Morley 

164 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
STEWART, Murray Alexander 

282 Glencairn Ave. 
STINSON, Jas. Frederick 

56 Alexandra Blvd. 
STOKES Robert Henry 

16 Ardmore Rd. 
STONE, Daniel 

22 Braemar Ave. 
STONE, Lionel M. 

22 Braemar Ave. 
STOTT, John Terence 

23 Strathallan Blvd. 
STOWE, Hudson Jennings 

83 Ridge Dr. 
STRACHAN, Gordon Simcoe 

123 Welland Ave. 
STRATFORD. Arthur Hope 

c/o W. S. Thomson Esq., 301 Russell Hill Rd. 
STRATHY. Elliot Seton Grasett 

41 Lonsdale Rd. 
STRICKLAND, Donald D'Eynecourt 

65 Adelaide St., E. 
STRICKLAND, Vernon D'Eynecourt 

95 Glengowan Rd. 
STUART, Alexander Kyle 

176 Forest Hill Rd. 
STUART, Jas. Edward 

35 Wilberton Rd. 
STUART, Robert David 

199 Blythwood Rd. 
STUPART, Alan Victor 

27 Poplar Plains Cr. 
STYKOLT, Stefan 

93 Chaplin Cr. 
SUCKLING, John Lawton 

141 Lytton Blvd. 
SUCKLING, Robert Turnbull 

81 Harlandall Ave., Lansing, Ont. 
SUCKLING, Wm. Austin 

81 Harlandall Ave., Lansing, Ont. 
SUMMERFELDT, Cecil Henry Clarence 

854 Eglinton Ave., W. 
SUNDSTROM, Harold Edward 

22 Humewood Dr. 
SURGEY, Jas Dermot Lowry 

28 Evans Ave. 
SUTER, Robert Henry 

28 Alberta Ave. 
SUZUKI, Richard Shin 

94 Craighurst Ave. 

155 Forest Hill Rd. 
SWABEY, Harold Merttins 

185 Balmoral Ave. 
SWAN, Jas. Henry 

64 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
SWAN, Jas. Robert 

64 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
SWAN, Thos. Frederick 

64 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
SWAN, Wm. Harold 

74 Glencairn Ave. 
SWEATMAN, Chas. Frederick 

16 Prince Arthur Ave. 
SWORD, Graham Nesbitt 

184 Heath St., W. 

SYMONS, David Martin 

194 Albertus Ave. 
SYMONS, David Thorburn 

617 Avenue Rd. 

26 St. Joseph St. 
SYMONS, Michael Bull 

45 Rosedale Rd. 
SYRETT, Chas. Waldon 

220 Wright Ave. 

TADMAN, Robert Jas. 

145 Glencairn Ave. 
TAIT, Herbert Sheppard 

18 Deer Park Cr. 
TAMBLYN, Robert Gordon 

121 Highbourne Rd. 
TARB02C Hugh Bogart 

76 Hudson Dr. 
TATE, Robert Somers 

14 Glengowan Ave. 
TATTON, Douglas Wm. 

23 Crang Ave. 
TAYLOR, Arthur Percy 

110 Madison Ave. 
TAYLOR, Chas. Hector 

204 Rumsey Rd. 
TAYLOR. Chas. Wesley 

Rm. 263 Corporation Tax Br. 
Treasury Dept., Parliament ! 
TAYLOR, David Priestly 

110 Forest Hill Rd. 
TAYLOR, Douglas Milton 

5 Killarney Rd. 
TALYOR, Gilbert Lewis 

991 Bloor St., W. 
TAYLOR, Gordon McBain 

5 Killarney Rd. 
TAYLOR, Jas. Isdale 

110 Madison Ave. 
TAYLOR, John McPherson 

5 Killarney Rd. 
TAYLOR, Richard Arnold 

81 Golfdale Rd. 
TAYLOR, Tom Hammond 

42 Summerhill Gardens 
TAYLOR Wm. Longmore 

52 Alexandra Blvd. 
TELFER, Allan Foster 

37 Elm Ave. 
TELFER, Herbert Arthur 

123 Douglas Dr. 
TELFER, Herbert Paul 

99 Walmsley Blvd. 
TEMPLE, Clifford Maulson 

355 St. Clair Ave., E. 
TEMPLE, Cuthbert Knapton Winslow 

175 Cumberland St. 
TEMPLE, Reginald Herbert Montague 

c/o C.N.R. Head Office 

168 Oakwood Ave. 
THAYER, Ira Ball 

308 Lonsdale Rd. 
THOMAS, Alan Miller 

160 Forest Hill Rd. 
THOMAS, Chas. Cleeve Nevil 

2932 Dufferin St. 
THOMAS, Reginald Harwood 

223 Glengrove Ave., W. 
THOMAS, Robert Arthur 

308 Heath St., E. 
THOMPSON, Alex Campbell 

11 Oswald Cr. 
THOMPSON, Archibald Shoto 

c/o F. W. Woolworth Co., 357 Bay St. 
THOMPSON, Carbert 

c/o Mrs. C. B. Child 
84 Weybourne Cr. 
THOMPSON, Chas. Westwood 

120 Northcliffe Blvd. 

c/o E. B. Thompson Co., 9 Industrial Ave. 
THOMPSON, Frank Cuthbert 

109 Lytton Blvd. 
THOMPSON, George Montgomery 

46 Cheritan Ave. 


THOMPSON, George Morley 

20 Goulson Ave. 
THOMPSON, Harry Allan 

33 Dunloe Rd. 
THOMPSON, John Hubert 

46 Cheritan Ave. 
THOMPSON, Maurice Goodman 

40 Yonge St. 
THOMPSON, Orla Denley 

110 St. Clair Ave., W. 
THOMPSON, Reginald 

40 Yonge St. 
THOMPSON, Robert Lochie 

77 Heathdaie Rd. 
THOMPSON, Wilfred J. 

486 Montrose Ave. 
THOMPSON, Wm. Harold 

314 Glenayr Rd. 
THOMSON, Clive Athelstan 

98 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
THOMSON, Garth Osborne 

301 Russell Hill Rd. 
THOMSON, Jas. Leslie Alexander 

151 Glenvale Blvd. 
THOMSON, Stanley McDowell 

83 Lynwood Ave. 
THOMSON, Woodburn Stratford 

301 Russell Hill Rd. 
THORNTON, Wm. Barton 

497 Broadway Ave. 
TIDY, Ghas. Ford S. 

7 Hillhurst Blvd. 
TILLEY, G. Bruce 

77 St. Edmund's Dr. 
TINDALL, Hillary Buchan 

2837 Yonge St. 
TISDALL, Harry Warren 

113 Cheltenham Ave. 
TOBIN, Wm. Gernard 

87 Dawlish Ave. 
TOMENSON, Walter Edward Scott 

20 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
TOMLIN, Victor Kingsley Edward 

125 St. Clair Ave., W. 
TOMLINSON, Alfred Tasker 

24 Allanbrooke Rd., The Kingsway 
TOOZE, Bruce Henderson 

80 Kilbarry Rd. 

TOVELL, Harold Muchison Massey 

2 Sultan St. 
TOVELL, John Watkins 

259 Lytton Blvd. 
TOWNLEY, Ian David 

200 St. Clair Ave., W. 
TOWNLEY, Peter Gordon 

200 St. Clair Ave., W. 
TRAINER, Samuel Bancroft 

46 Dunvegan Rd. 
TREES, Alexander George 

55 Chestnut Park 
TREES Samuel Lees 

663 King St., W. 
TRENT, Peter E. 

3 Bennington Heights Dr. 
TROTTER, C. Trevor 

32-A Prince Arthur Ave. 
TROUGHT, Edward John 

81 Elerbeck Ave. 
TROW, Emerson Jas. 

24 Doncliffe Dr. 
TRUMAN, Frederick 

284 Deloraine Ave. 
TUCKER, John Bracken 

30 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
TUGMAN, Christopher Henry Wilson 

57 Foxbar Rd. 
TULLEKEN, Rodolphe van Hoogenhock 

6 Plymbridge Rd. 
TURNBULL, Donald Gibson 

1 Oriole Parkway 
TURNBULL, Kenneth Donald Chisholm 

20 Edgewood Cr. 
TURNBULL, Norman John 

406 Brunswick Ave. 
TURMER, Chas. Cecil 

4 Edmund Gate 
TURNER, Joseph 

115 Davisville Ave. 

TURNER, Philip Dwight 

61 Athlone Rd. 
TURNER, Stephen Francis 

4 McBain Ave. 
TURNER, Thos. Chas. 

Trinity College, Hoskin Ave. 
TUTEUR, Julian Maynard 

466 Spadina Rd. 
TUTT, Nelson Forest 

225 Annette St. 
TYRRELL. John Leckie 

54 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
TYRRELL John Wheaton 

54 Rosedale Heights Dr. 
TYRRELL, Joseph Burr 

14 Walmer Rd. 
TYRRELL, Thos. A. Carey 

119 Bedford Rd. 
TYRRELL. Wm. Haughton 

110 Dawlish Ave. 
TYRWHITT, Philip St. John 

North American Life Ass'ce. Co. 
112 King St., W. 
TYTLER, John Langley 

24 St. Andrew's Gardens 

UBUKATA, Ontaro 

100 Wellington St., W. 
UNDERWOOD, Philip Lionel 

15 Clarendon Ave. 
URQUHART, John Daniel 

27b Inglewood Dr. 
URQUHART, Norman Allan 
22 Glen Ayr Ave. 

VAIL, John Woodburn 

50 Heath St., W. 
VAILE, Sigmund Jerome 

255 Cortleigh Blvd. 
VAN KOUGHNET, Arthur Herbert Seymour 

141 Bedford Rd. 
VAN NOSTRAND, Cornelius Innes 

73 Lonsdale Rd. 

73 Lonsdale Rd. 
VERNON. Arthur Arundell Harcourt 

1 Edgedale Rd. 
VERRAL, George Wm. St. J. Jr. 

77 Don woods Dr. 
VIGEON, Harry Frank 

125 Glen Rd. 
VIGEON, John Kempton 

125 Glen Rd. 
VOKES, Arthur Lumley 

119 Buckingham Ave. 
VOKES, Carlyle Wainwright 

c/o A. L. Vokes Esq., 119 Buckingham Ave. 

WADSWORTH, Jas. David 

6 Dunloe Rd. 

9 Castle Frank Rd. 

8 Binscarth Rd. 
WAGMAN, Archie 

1727 Bathurst St. 
WAHLROTH, Christopher Gordon 

Rm. 4, Manning Arcade, 24 King St., W. 
WAKEFIELD, Edgar Wight 

172 Forest Hill Rd. 
WALDIE, Robert Gordon 

1 Cluny Ave. 
WALDIE, Robert Stanley 

1 Cluny Ave. 
WALKDEN, Robert 

c/o J. B. Drope, 1421 Yonge St. 
WALKER, Alfred Alexander 

5 Glenayr Rd. 
WALKER, Chas. Harold 

1 Harper Gardens 
WALKER, Harold Coleman 

119 Dunvegan Rd. 
WALKER, Howard Bruce 

434 Glencairn Ave. 
WALKER, Hugh Lessard 

426 University Ave. 
WALKER, Jack Cameron 
434 Glencairn Ave. 


WALKER, Richard Rosslyn 

80 St. George St 
WALKER, Rosslyn Hugh 

Imperial Bank of Canada, King and Bay Sts. 
WALLACE, Ian Stewart 

12 Admiral Rd. 

150 Hammersmith Ave. 

366 Glengrove Ave., W. 
WALLER, Glen Essery 

240 Inglewood Dr. 
WALLIS, H. Malcolm 

70 Fallingbrook Rd. 
WALLS, Wm. Frederick 

72 Glengowan Rd. 
WALSH, Eric Orpen 

455 Deloraine Ave. 
WALSH, Reginald Francis 

54 South Dr. 
WALTON, Arthur McBurney 

10 South Dr. 
WARDLAW, Jas. Walter 

56 Jedburgh Rd. 
WAREHAM, Burton Hugh 

51 Banff St. 
WARNOCK, Jas. Donald 

103 Heath St., W. 
WARREN, Frederic Alden 

21 Scarth Rd. 
WARREN, Harold Dorman 

160 West Lodge Ave. 
WARREN, Robert Ernest Mabee 

19 Strathallan Blvd. 
WARRINGTON, Edward John Stamford 

50 Glen Elm Ave. 
WARWICK, George Robinson 

178 St. George St. 
WASSON, Jas. Craig 

22 Delisle Ave. 
WASTENEYS, Geoffrey Jennings 

20 Howland Ave. 
WASTENEYS, Michael Edmund 

20 Howland Ave. 

324 St. Clement's Ave. 
WATKINS, Thos. Jas. 

1944 Yonge St. 
WATSON, Alan Graeme 

88 Forest Hill Rd. 
WATSON, Colin Graeme 

88 Forest Hill Rd. 
WATSON, Douglas Graeme 

88 Forest Hill Rd. 
WATSON, George Edward 

101 Vesta Dr. 
WATSON, Jas. Graeme 

88 Forest Hill Rd. 
WATSON, Jas. Meredith 

57 Castle Knock Rd. 
WATSON, John Lewis 

55 Fairfield Rd. 
WATSON, Robert Arthur 

78 Glenrose Ave. 
WATSON, Thos. Bertin 

91 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
WATT, Douglas Rutherford 

146 Orchard View Blvd. 
WATT, Ernest Halliday 

6 Jordan St. 
WATT, Frederic Bartlett 

89 St. Clair Ave., E. 
WATT, George Lockhart 

50 Binscarth Rd. 
WATT, George Lockhart Jr. 

187 Forest Hill Rd. 
WATT, Hugh Norman Mack 

Canadian Life Ass'ce Co., University Ave. 
WATT, Jack Edgar 

c/o Watt & Watt, 6 Jordan St. 
WATT, John Donald 

50 Binscarth Rd. 
WATT, Richard Norman 

62-A Bernard Ave. 
WATT, Thos. Chas. Edgar 

6 Jordan St 
WAYLETT, Robert George 

368 Glengrove Ave.. W. 

WAYLETT, Wm. Lyle 

30 Queensgrove Rd. 
WEBSTER, John David 

WEBSTER, John Langley 

145 George St. 
WEBSTER, Lawrence Langley 

42 Lytton Blvd. 
WEBSTER, Stewart 

232 Windermere 
WEDD, Andrew Allan 

49 Coulson Ave. 
WEDD, Edward Keith Martin 

139 Crescent Rd. 
WEDD. Kenneth Goodman 

Brazilian Traction Light & Power Co. 
25 King St., W. 
WEGG, George Simpson 

29 Vanderhoof Ave. 
WEINER, Harvey Kenneth 

413 Lytton Blvd. 
WEIR, Allan Austin 

c/o C.B.C., 354 Jarvis St. 
WEIR, John Gordon 

77 Wellesley St. 
WEISE, John McMaster 

140 Ronan Ave. 
WELCH, Chas. Rudyard 

52 Weybourne Cr. 
WELCH, Donald Stephen 

111 Heath St., W. 
WELCH, Edmund Arthur 

52 Weybourne Cr. 
WELCH, Frank Elliott 

337 Briar Hill Ave. 
WELCH, Henry Webster 

94 Donegal Dr. 
WELLINGTON, Earle Stanley 

43 Heath St., W. 
WELLINGTON, Frederick Wm. 

11 Edgehill Cr. 
WELLINGTON, Stanley Carter 

43 Heath St., W. 
WEST Frederick Emerson 

85 Rochester Ave. 
WEST WOOD, Harry Neville 

7 Otter Cr. 
WHEATON, Chas. Frederick 

154 Forest Hill Rd. 
WHITAKER, Patrick Atherton 

31 Kilbarry Rd. 
WHITE, Andrew Thomson 

200 Strathgowan Rd. 
WHITE, David B. 

246 Dunvegan Rd. 
WHITE, Harry Jas. 

115 Bowood Rd. 
WHITE, Jas. Butler 

246 Dunvegan Rd. 
WHITE, Peter Jr. 

174 Balmoral Ave. 
WHITE, Robert Wm. Gooderham 

246 Dunvegan Rd. 
WHITE, Russell McKenzie 

76 St. Leonard's Ave. 
WHITEHEAD, Frederick 

36 Rochester Ave. 
WHITLEY, George Everett 

c/o Mrs. Drewry, 46 Eastbourne Ave. 

84 Alexandra Blvd. 
WHITTEN, Chas. Edward 

67 Hillhurst Blvd. 
WHITTEN, John Bolton 

67 Hillhurst Blvd. 
WHITTINGHAM, David Spencer 

72 Crescent Rd. 
WHITTINGHAM, John Anthony 

104 Wells Hills Ave. 
WHYTE, Andrew Alexander 

22 Kilbarry Rd. 
WHYTE, John Rupert 

74 Summerhill Ave. 
WHYTE, Robert Alexander 

102 Roxborough Dr. 
WICKETT, Jas. Alfred 

165 Summit Dr. 


WIEGAND, John Lee 

East House, U. of T., 3 Devonshire PI. 
WIEGAND, Philip Lee 

54 St. Mary's St. 
WILDER, Wm. Price 

1 Dewbourne Ave. 
WILGRESS, Arthur Trollope 

54 Alvin Ave. 
WILKIE, Arthur Benson 

80 Crescent Rd. 
WILKIE. Trevor Spragge 

163 Highbourne Rd. 
WILKINS, Thos. Kenneth 

49 Castle Frank Rd. 
WILLAN, Bernard Edward 

139 Inglewood Dr. 
WILLAN, Michael Healey 

167 Roehampton Ave. 
WILLIAMS, Harry Staunton 

365 Walmer Rd. 
WILLIAMS, John Hillary Sawyer 

72 Ronan Ave. 
WILLIAMS, John Hopkirk 

81 Manor Rd., E. 
WILLIAMS, Ridley Drayton 

31 Hawthorne Ave. 
WILLIAMS, Thos. John 

57 St. Ives Cr. 
WILLIAMS, Wm. George 

57 St. Ives Cr. 
WILLOUGHBY, John Wellington 

415 Russell Hill Rd. 
WILLS, Martin Lambert 

107 Park Rd. 
WILLSON, Reginald Kempshall 

27 White Birch Ave. 
WILSON, Arthur George 

275 St. Clair Ave., E. 
WILSON, Arthur Mowat 

141 Donlea Dr. 
WILSON, Bruce Muir 

5 Riverside Cr. 
WILSON, C. Lesslie 

Wilson Publishing Co. of Toronto 
73 Adelaide St., W. 
WILSON, Franklin Ross 

121 Park Rd. 
WILSON, George Edgar 

53 Claxton Blvd. 
WILSON, George Ewart Pearson 

20 Chestnut Park Rd. 
WILSON, Howard Starr 

6 Parkhurst Blvd. 
WILSON, Howard Thos. 

64 Parklea Dr. 
WILSON, John Fisher 

37 Kelway Blvd. 
WILSON, John Hamilton 

29 Cuthbert Cr. 
WILSON, John Thos. 

95 Glengowan Rd. 
WILSON, Wm. Kerr 

73 Adelaide St., W. 
WILTON, Glen M. 

321 Lonsdale Rd. 
WILTON, Murray Alexander 

321 Lonsdale Rd. 
WINNETT, Willard Douglas North 

69 Highbourne Rd. 
WISE, Richard Cargill 

15 Chestnut Park Rd. 
WOOD, Alan Hagarty 

35 Foxbar Rd. 
WOOD, Frank 

39 Burnside Dr. 

WOOD, Fred L. 

321 Bloor St., W. 
WOOD, Gerald Montague 

c/o Mrs. Pennington, 1 Killarney Rd. 
WOOD, Jas. Robert 

15 Forest Ridge Dr. 
WOOD, Jas. Wm. 

116 Kilbarry Rd. 
WOOD, Robert John 
103 Heath St.. W. 
WOODCOCK, Wm. Arthur 

16 Heathdale Rd. 
WOODS, Jas. Douglas 

30 Avondale Rd. 
WOODS, Jas. Douglas Jr. 

Lane's End, Riverview Dr. 
WOODS, John Robinson 

433 Heath St., E. 
WOODS Orpen 

c/o Mrs. T. J. Gladstone 
25 Olive St. 
WOODS, Peter Lawrence 

116 Imperial St. 
WOOKEY, Leslie Arthur 

86 Highland Ave. 
WORSLEY, Chas. Robert 

46 Foxbar Rd. 

131 Cottingham St. 
WORTS, Jas. Gooderham Jr. 

39 Bessborough Dr. 
WORTS Robert Davies 

61 Elderwood Dr. 
WORTS, Warren W. 

204 Lawrence Ave., E. 
WRIGHT, Chas. Edmund 

37 Sheldrake Blvd. 
WRIGHT, Douglas Noel 

79 Duggan Ave. 
WRIGHT, Henry Pultney 

76 Rowanwood Ave. 
WRIGHT, Jack Steele 

179 Glenrose Ave. 
WRIGHT, John Eardley Wilmot 

113 Lascelles Blvd. 
WRIGHT, Joseph Wm. 

35 Old Forest Hill Rd. 
WRIGHT, Lloyd Austin 

5 Madison Ave. 
WRIGHT, Palmer H. 

76 Rowanwood Ave. 
WRIGHT, Richard Arthur 

252 Heath St., E. 
WRIGHT, Robert Phillips 

2 Lamport Ave. 
WRIGHT, Walter Walker 

2 Lamport Ave. 
WRONG, Dennis Hume 

80 St. George St. 
WYATT, Digby 

26 Castleview Ave. 

YEIGH, Wm. Howard 

3 Douglas Cr. 
YOUNG, Archibald Wilson 

59 Sherwood Ave. 
YOUNG, Arnold Robert 

151 Alcorn Ave. 
YOUNG. Austin Moore 

2-A Wilberton Rd. 
YOUNG, Rupert Reginald 

43 Hillholme Rd.